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Provence Pond

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Anyone here besides myself ever fish the pond ? I'm hoping to get there in the next week or so after I get the boat ready.
That place is awesome for spring crappie. Not unusual to have a 200 fish day, if the wind is low and its overcast.
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Yea but they are all see through, at least the ones I was catching. Lots of little bass too. I fished it a few times last year, it was fun but don't expect too many big fish. I ice fished it a few times too and caught some half way decent gills.

2 years ago my dad and I sat down and pulled in about 50 bass in 2 hours of fishing from the same spot! not a one was over 13" or smaller than 11" We just let the wind blow us up against a rat hut and had a night crawler under a bobber.

It is over by Summit Lake. We would stop in there on our way back from Summit usually.
The directions are listed on the INDNR website. Its 2 miles west of SR 3 on SR 36.
I have caught lots of 10 to 12" gills & redears. Some bass around 16" and several channel cats up to 20".
The DNR done a survey last year and the results are on their website too. They caught a lot of keeper bass. The crappie are on the small side but, the ones I caught were thicker than the ones at summit lake. They have more of a gold color. Best crappies I ever eat.
I hope you guys like the black spots and white grubs in your fillets because I would say 90% of the fish I catch out of there ar infested badly except the crappies and catfish they ar estill pretty clean yet.
I will try it sometime! My daughter goes to Ball State(except she's in Austria right now) I will take my wife and drop her off to visit and head a little further south. If the grubs aren't too bad I don't mind them;)
Hey goggleye57, if your gonna fish the pond this year, shoot me an email, and I can give you some good information and hotspots on the pond. If you like, your even welcome to phone me for some straight talk about the area.
From my experience and several others, it usually takes a couple hours at least to discover some of the best hotspots and patterns to catch the better fish. I can also tell you what's the best panfish lure several of us guys use.
If your after the big gills n' crappie, the conditions you fish will make a huge difference on your success. I feel even more so than any other body of water I have ever fished.

The water at the big area is almost gin clear. Its got some great stickups in 6 to 8' of water. The best spots are not accessible from the shore. You will need a boat. Trolling motor only.
Your more than welcome to share my boat with me about any day, as I am retired and usually fish 3 days a week.

The bluegills & redears are loaded with white worms (grubs). However, the crappie, catfish and bass are not infected.
I talked on the phone with one of the DNR's Fisheries Biologist " Doug Keller" about the white worm problem.
He said that the cranes (heron) poop in the water, which in return is eaten by the snails. (pond is full of snails) The adult gills & redear eat the snail, which in return infects them. But still, how many people have actually caught a bluegill or redear 10" or bigger ? Not many. The fight alone is well worth the trip. On the other hand, the crappie, catfish and bass are not infected.

I think the pond is a virtual crappie factory. In fact, they are so abundant, that their growth is starting to get stunted because there are so many. You can still catch a ton of 6 to 8" Er's and even an occasional 9" to 10" crappie. The ones I catch have more meat on them than the ones at Summit lake.

I have fished the pond many times and I know most of the regular fisherman there. I have never seen more than 6 boats on the water at any given time. There are so many places with structure that 5 boats on a 60+ acre body of water, you will not have a problem finding a great spot to fish.

The DNR officers patrol the area often so, make sure everything is in order, and keep count of your catch if you decide to keep em.
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Bestshot, it does have a lot of crappie, but unfortunately that will be the biggest problem for that pond for the reason you gave about the overpopulation. I know the DNR was not happy about finding crappie stocked in there. Best thing for that pond is keep every crappie you catch.

BTW about 4 or 5 yrs ago you gave me some info on Prarie Creek walleyes, just wanted to thank you for your help. Haven't given it a shot yet but I still have some of the spots marked on a map, you are a heck of a guy giving out your info. The walleyes still around over there?

Thanks, Duff
Thanks Duff. I wish the DNR would stock some grass carp in Provence. That would allow the bass access to more areas to remove more crappie & gill fry.

I have seen guys leaving summit lake and, release their crappie into provence. They been doing that for at least 8 years. I even caught a Kentucky Spotted bass at the pond last year. Wonder where that one come from ?.
Several members from a local bass club released 12 really nice small mouth bass last year. 2 of them were over 4 lbs. I wonder how long before someone puts some walleye in there ?. Much as I love walleye, I really hope they don't.

Yes the prairie creek walleye are still there and some nice size eyes can be caught if one knows what spot to fish during the right conditions. The strange thing about prairie creek walleyes, you just don't go find the correct structure and fish it. They relate to the structure when the conditions are just right.

Yes, lots of people can get lucky and catch 1 or 2 but, to catch 10 or 15 a day, takes a lot of work. Took me several years to confirm the patterns & locations relating to the conditions. Even now, if I loose my notes, I would be up the creek without a paddle so to speak.

Summit Lake walleyes are the new targets. They are growing so fast and big. I think weed fishing for walleyes takes a heck of a lot of time to learn. At Least it did for me. Summit has a lot of 6 plus pound walleyes. With all the weeds, I don't think enough anglers know how to weed fish to do any damage to the population. Myself included. However, I do manage to hook a couple nice ones every now N then.

As far as giving out the info goes ? Well, its only half the battle my friend. Ya still gotta catch em. You would not believe how many people pull anchor and say they are going to go find some walleye, when they were actually within casting distance from some of the best walleye spots on the lake.

I think most anglers read way to many articles (including myself) and not enough of on the water trial en error. Once I tossed out all the things I learned from books articles and videos, I started to catch more and bigger walleyes.
Forget the media and ask a local, you will be glad you did.
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On the job (water) training is the best, book smarts only impress people when you are not working!

I agree with you on the tips, I know ive done that plenty of times. Get some advice and figure i could do better myself:bash: .

Anytime you need a tag along for a morning trip let me know. I usually have the mornings open for a trip or two. Not sure if you hunt, but I could trade you some hunting or a float on the white river for smallies, rockbass, catfish. Not many good gils or crappie that I have found recently.

Later, Duff
I just sent you an email dude.
bestshot <------------------ don't hunt anymore.
I just can't bring myself to kill a warm blooded creature anymore. Don't get me wrong, I remember my early years, if it moved and was eatable, I would blast it.

Not sure why I changed but, I'm glad I did. Heck, sometimes I even feel bad about hooking a minnow just to let bigger fish eat it. But not bad enough to pass us some walleye or nice crappie :)
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