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PSE X Force

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by JL, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Have not...havent even seen one...

    would be interesting though...

  2. Just think how fast I could miss with one of those in my hands!!

    Looks spooky.
  3. They are an impressive feat in engineering. I don't like the tiny brace height, but that is all I can knock on the bow. I'd like to shoot one some time.
  4. I was in Kokomo awhile back and had a chance to shoot a 70#'er and a 60#'er.
    Honestly, for a PSE, I was IMPRESSED! It didn't have enough handshock to feel and VERY quiet, I mean dead quiet! SPEEEDY lil booger too!
    With my 28" Draw 70#'er shot 333 FPS and the 60#'er shot 326 FPS.
    Overall I would get a 60# one if in the market. Those cams have a serious roll over and at 70#, when they go, THEY GO! The short brace height has a bit to do with that too.
    They look freaky as heck at full draw, the limbs go BEYOND Paralell!
    I would definately recommend one to anyone!
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