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Public land NW IN

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Avidhunter322, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Is Jasper Pulaski or Willow Slough as busy as Kingsbury during bow season.
  2. Willow Slough is pretty busy during the bow season, especially during the weekends. I pretty much hunt during the week days when there is hardly anybody out. you pretty much have the whole place to your self, and the deer aren't as skittish either.

  3. I used to bow hunt JP more in the past (have rights to some pvt prop the past 2 seasons). I have some minimal bow hunting experience at Kingsbury and have never bow hunted the Slough. Although there is activity at JP, I do not feel it was as busy as Kingsbury. Now, I'm sure you can find pressure from other hunters anywhere (i.e. any FWA, any area in a given FWA) depending on where you go... I try to go away from where the other hunters go.

    Also, what I said about the feeling of less pressure at JP during the bow season does NOT apply during the gun season!

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I've lived in IN for about 8 yrs. Up untill this year I hunted So. IL. I lost some pvt. land I've hunted for about 10yrs. Unless something pops for me, I'll probably be hunting mostly public land this year.
  5. AVID~
    Don't get too discouraged about limited to public land. I've been here in IN for 5yr but prior to that lived in central IL for 13yr. During that entire time frame I never had private land to hunt so I hunted public land (bow and shotgun) every year with good success. It's still a matter of scouting, patterning the deer, etc... except you have the extra wildcard of other hunters. That is why I always tried to get away from others. Over the course of a season or two, you'll see/hear where everyone else parks/goes/hunts. Heck, I still hunt public land because my hunting priviledges on some IN private land is for archery only so I typically do my gun hunting down at JP. My name's Jeff and I drive a blue F-150 maybe I'll see you there.