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Pumped for Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Rauch, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Is everybody excited for Saturday?????

    I know that I am. Can't wait and I don't think this week is going to go by fast enough!!!

    Good luck to everyone!!!
  2. Im excited. I have been bowhunting and already passed up about 8 small bucks. I always get pumped for the first weekend of shotgun though. I think its becuase i know at any time during the day a monster could come by after being kicked up by other hunters.

  3. Got the scope on the 870 lined up last night. 1 inch high at 50 yds. I have a sore shoulder:biggrin:
  4. I'm in bad shape, had trouble getting to sleep last night with my mind racing ahead with thoughts of Sat. Could be a long week.
    I too have been passing on some bucks during archery season, and have one special buck I've been watching for the last year or so now. Saw him two weeks ago, and I'm hoping to get just one more look at him, over the sights on my shotgun!
  5. oh man. words cant tell it all. didnt get to do alot of bow hunting because my boys football seasion. now that he passed hunters ed last sat. he is ready to hunt with a gun. nothing better that your kids first deer. im pumped and he is pumped. GOOD LUCK ALL
  6. inline

    yep, got the inline all sighted in and i'm ready for the season. I love to bow hunt, but i also like that fact that a deer is no longer safe at 50 yards. haha.
  7. I couldn't agree more! I would much rather bow hunt, but if I would have had my Omega in hand by now, I'd have one of the two 130"+ deer I've seen, on the wall...they were just a bit out of range with the bow.

    Oh well, that's the beauty of hunting! :banghead3 :biggrin:
  8. ready

    Tested the trusty stands this past weekend. They are safe for another year. Saw some big tracks the size of my hand, so yes I have hopes and I have seen some wall hangers there in the past. I had to pass on archery this year as I broke my elbow in a softball tourney. Since we only get one buck I used to use archery for freezer meat and scouting. Then come gun if it was racked it was whacked. I look for wider than the ears the first week or some sort of bad genes that need taken out of the pool. The last week I am less discriminating. Good luck and safety to all.