Purdue vs. Indiana

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Tine Lock, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I figured we would need a thread for this. The Boilers came up with the win and by big! I don't believe thats what you Hoosier fans predicted is it? Now us Boilers will be proud of our victory while you guys bring up your excuses.

  2. Boilers...Hoosiers...they're all turds...
  3. Didn't get to see the game...........don't even know the score yet. But if the game was played at Purdue and PU won then I imagine we got homered.

  4. Yeah Grant, we'll accept your victory but I believe you're the one that's always quick to make up excuses for Purdue's abbundant amount of losses.
  5. Bring either one of them to the Joyce ACC on the campus of the University of Notre Dame Fightin' Irish......

  6. Yeah Baby!!!!! Boiler Up to all sis boys out there. Next year will be even better....and the year after that????

    The Boilers are coming back....Ahh yes, just like the old days!!!!! Enjoy it while you can Hoser fans.......Boiler Ball is coming back!!!!!!!!!

    Boiler Up!!!!!
  7. Been a Purdue fan for years, favorite player was Big Dog. Not the greatest off the court, but he could flat kill you on it. Good to see they are starting to turn the corner, still plenty of work left though. Right now this team lives and dies with Teague. He's so streaky, but when he is right, he can shoot it with the best of em, plus it opens up Landry. When he's off, they can be blown away. I like the freshman Kramer too. He's from Huntington, reminds me a lot of a young Brian Cardinal. Physical and does a lot of dirty work.
  8. I was unaware that you were an IU fan Trevor. When did that happen? Also ide like you to show me a post or tell me a time when I made an excuse for one of Purdue's losses, because I don't think you'll remember one.
  9. you mean Glen Robinson the big dog....

    "Purdue bought me a K-A-R ----car." Then we went out and Coach KD got me some gold fish... C-A-R-P... goldfish."
  10. We would have to bring them up to South Bend, because there are no roads that come down to Purdue....remember?
  11. :yeahthat:
  12. It's good to be a Boiler.:coolgleam
  13. Yes, I knew the Boiler faithful would be making noise this morning, as they should. But just like Cub fans when the Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals, it makes their season complete no matter how bad of a team they have or whether they accomplish little else. Other teams fans have higher expectations...like championships! Championship teams have to win games on the road...Pudue is a home team...period.
  14. Hey I knew a tree would have to fall this year, Boilers win over IU and they went home with there heads in the snow. When you come to our home court be ready to play or stay home. SEE YA IU.
    Did someone say Notre _ _ _ _ who. All I can say is the State of Indiana does have some basketball teams. GO BOILERS and BUTLER. Just having fun.