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QDM Implementations

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scott Werstler, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Since all of the deer hunters in this fine state are practicing QDM and single handedly increasing the age structure of the deer herd, what are you doing this year to help the QDM cause?

    I planted 3 new food plots Saturday, all Imperial Whitetail clover, totalling 2 acres. And yes Weimer I did see a fawn eating chicory.
  2. Food plots as well totally approx. an acre!!

  3. Of course you did.....
  4. Since on the other thread Deer Demon insinuated I do not improve habitat, or not well ehough, I figured he would have volumes of improvements he has made to his hunting ground in here. Of course I do feel he is a bit on the selfish side, maybe he just doesn't want to share his secrets.
  5. On our farm we.............

    **Planted 9,000 Trees for habitat improvement (mix of pine in every other row
    with Tulip, Black Walnut, Cherry and Oak as the trees of choice in the
    **Planted an acre of warm-season grasses
    **Planted 2 acres of Food-Plot for the wildlife
    **Planted another acre of clover mix surrounding our warm season grasses
    **Planted grass in areas to eliminate errosion in certian areas, and installed a
    1/2 mile 12 Foot wide grass lane to access this remote area of
    Wildlife/Habitat improvement.
    **Harvested 13 Deer off this area also last year for herd control....QDM Baby!!

    :coolgleam :coolgleam
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  6. Scarlet,

    If you want to supplement what you have with some wildflowers I have a good source. I have planted some plots of them two years in a row and they have all done great. The supplier's catalog also includes a map showing where they will grow and where they are native to. I didn't use any European introduced varieties, but stuck to the ones native to Indiana. May not grow deer, but I think it helps provide insects for young birds. Not too bad to look at either.
  7. Wild flowers can be a great attractant for deer in the early summer months. The green shoots and plush bulbs of the flowers are great browse. I wouldnt sell them short. Why do you think housing editions dont have many flowers in their yards. My fiances mom cant keep tulips in her flower gardens because the deer just bite the tops right off them. I think a wild flower patch is a great way to supplement what you have already done and Ill bet you can kill a turkey out of there too... Plus it gives you something to pick for the wifes center piece when you are running late getting home from the woods.