QDMA Sportsmen's Banquet

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    Just got to the lake and saw this ad in the paper: Thought some of you "Northern" Deer guys might be interested.

    Michiana QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) 1st annual Sportsmen's Banquet

    Saturday September 9----Coldwater, MI....Coldwater Eagles

    Auctions....guns...Bows...Hunting Equip...and a lot of stuff

    Tickets--call 517-238-4401 (Ron Mather)
    260-466-1817 (Jim Anspach)
    517-238-5375 (Bob DuCharme)
  2. Dean?????

    Shall we attend?

    Maybe I could take a chance on a gun......;)

    CutNShoot....... iffin ya want you could drive to Indy, then ride to Fort Wayne with me. There we could pick up Dean and travel on towards Coldwater Michigan. I'll buy your ticket......:grouphug:

  3. hey thanks for the information, I think that I may just go to it. I could pull the boat up and fish Coldwater Lake and then go to the dinner. Thanks again