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Question about bag limits

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buck_hunter21, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I just got done reading the 07-08 trapping guide link, and wanna clear something up. I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong or not so I'm gonna let you fellas straighten me out. Just wanting to know what the bag limits for early and late bow season and also firearm season. Sorry I know its kind of a dumb question but I just wanna make sure I understand the limits instead of thinking I know them.:)
  2. Not a dumb question buck hunter. Every year I have to look it over real good, contact my attorney for interpretation, and then still don't feel safe that I totally understand what I can do. Somebody will be able to set us straight on this. I'd have to read through it several times again to try and explain it to you.

  3. You can shoot two deer TOTAL combining early and late archery, using ARCHERY tags. You can shoot bonus does with archery gear during these seasons using BONUS tags. Bonus tags are on a county by county basis.

    Firearms season is one antlered deer only. You may shoot bonus does with a firearm during this season using the same BONUS tags I mentioned above.

    Muzzleloader season is one deer only. You may shoot bonus does with a muzzleloader during this season using the same BONUS tags I mentioned above.

    You may only shoot ONE antlered deer in the state regardless of the seasons. Therefore, if you shoot a buck with a bow, then your Firearms tag is no good, but you could still hunt antlerless deer with a firearm using BONUS tags.

    Deer hunting in Indiana is a game of playing tag management. Learn how to manage your tags and you will will maximize your freezer filling potential.

    Hope this helps. If you have any specific questions, please ask.
  4. One antlered deer may be taken per year, whether it be with archery, firearm, or muzzleloader. Two deer may be taken with archery equipment using an archery tag or an extra-archery tag. One deer may be taken with a firearms license (buck only). One deer of either sex may be taken with a muzzleloader (if you have already taken an antlered deer before muzzleloader season, your muzzleloader tag is good for an antlerless deer only). In addition, there are county quotas for antlerless deer tags. For example, a maximum of three antlerless deer may be taken in my county (Steuben) on bonus antlerless permits. A hunter could also hunt in different counties and kill that county's quota of bonus antlerless deer. These permits may be used during any of the deer-hunting seasons. Help me out, fellas, if you think that I've missed something.

    DEC beat me to it, but I'll let the post stand.