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Question RE: Trail Cams

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DadOfFour, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Hey does anybody know of any decent, and yet cheap trail cams? I had a stealth cam a few years back, but it got stolen my last season in CT. I was happy with it, but I'd really like to save some money this time around, lest the thing get stolen again. Pics don't have to be of highest quality just good enough to see what how big its rack is ;)
  2. Go To Rural King They Have Wildview Digital Cameras For 70 Bucks , I Bought One And It Has Worked Flawlessly, It Will Store Approx. 30 Pics In Its Built In Memory Also Has A Slot For Bigger Memory Card, But You Can Download Them On Your Computor Then Pop Out The Battery And It Will Clear The Memory And You Can Start Over, So Far It Has Worked Out Great !!!!

  3. i have a moultree from walmart for 59 dollars takes great pics. wally also sells a digital for 69 dollars called wildview. i'm not going to buy a expensive camera just to have it stolan. not worth it. too many theives out there. even if you catchem the law will just slap them on the wrist.
  4. Yeah Larry but if you catch them you can :bash: out of them!!!
  5. that's true lol.
  6. dont buy till you go to they review all of these cameras.i just bought a 2006 bushnell trail sentry 2.1 camera has a 1/2 sec. trigger time and a 30 sec. delay setting. so far i have been happy.:16suspect
  7. The only time I see Smokey Z happy about trail cam pics lately ........... is when he is looking at my FILM camera trail cam pics...........The Legendary Stealth Cam for 35mm film that costs a "peanut price" of about $25-$39 is what we have had best luck with........

    **AWSOME photo ablility at night

    **EXTREMEMLY Durable (4+ years useage on our cams and still going strong!!)

    **Cheap unit to buy, so you can afford multiple units for canvasing a broader area

    **Cheaper to replace if stolen

    **Usually gets Larger Buck Pics than a Digital Camera can take......(of course that's comparing Smokey Z's Digital results and Dean's Cuddieback Digital results to our Stealth Cam Film results.......which could......... just be a result of getting the cam in a professionals hands.) :evilsmile ......But I tend to think that Digital Cams scare deer and Smokey Z and Dean are proving this theory true it appears. :evilsmile

    **If you're after the Big''re gonna get him in the first 24 pics anyways if you have it in the right who the heck needs a 500+ digital picture card in their Digital Cam to prove that they can get 500+ pics of the deer they don't want picks of .......just to say they got 500+ pics of the NON-Big'un?? :evilsmile But then again it is entertaining to see Smokey Z prove time and time again with his 500+ pics that he has no idea where to hang the dang thing.......and in the same sentence asks to see my pics again from my "outdated" 24 exposure 35mm film unit at lunch! :16suspect :cwm27: :cwm27:

    Just my .02 Cents..............and somehow I know I ruffled a feather....or two. :biggrin:

    **My name is Scarlet Dew, and I approve of this post**
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  8. keep in mind scarlet has no kids and more time to chase film around.he is old school and very slow to change, at his age things just happen slower.just go to walmart how many film cameras do you see?"dad of four" i know you are in the same boat i am in with limited time.i simply swap cards go home and see what i have while scarlet is running all over hell processing film at 7.00 per roll +2.00 for film and dreaming of the other 30 pics missed .just look at his posts he has nothing but (chasing says the film vs. digital debate is a NO BRAINER come on scarlet take off the corduroy's and get with the times !!!!!! :banghead3:bash:
  9. LOL, looks like I started something here :cwm27: I like the idea of digital, mainly cause I can dump it straight into a laptop and walk away. Problem is, I've only been here a couple of years and as stated elsewhere I mainly hunt public land (HNF down in Story) and I really haven't found a way to secure a cam so that they can't be stolen. I really need to find some good private land that someone will let me hunt. The land I have access to in Fayette county is ok, but my father-in-law only wants me out there when he can go, I guess he's afraid I'll have some problems with the neighbors or something :( So putting a cam out there would sorta be a waste of limited resources. Wonder if I could put a tazer inside a cam, you know touch it in the wrong spot get zapped :bouncy: that'd be fun!

  10. I bought a game spy 3.1 new for just over $100. I'm very happy with the unit for the w/interal memory (around 120 pics per the example shown) states date and time/moon phase....

    Added a couple "u" bolts, some silicone and a heavy duty bicycle lock to make it somewhat safe....

    Here are my modifications, and the picture quality....a little slow on the trigger speed, but I can live with it.



  11. I just posted some pictures taken on a wildview digital from wal-mart (they are in the official contest page). When I bought it I thought oh we will see just how crappy these really are. And yes the pictures arent high quality. It doesnt miss much Ill give it credit for that. Very pleased with the value of the unit. If you arent worried about how great of a picture it will get then I would suggest giving one a try. Again dont expect a cudde quality picture or even a game spy but it gets the job done.