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  1. I put this question in the turkey hunting forum but this is probably a better place. What should you do if you shoot two turkeys with one shot? I know of someone who did this a couple of years ago. They lined up just perfect as he was pulling the trigger and low and behold both birds were flopping.
  2. Buy a bigger roaster????

  3. Double...

    All kidding aside this would be a question for Officer(s) Deem, Knoy, etc. Fellas?????????
  4. The Shooter Had A Duty To Know What Was Beyond His Bird, He Deserves What Ever He Gets. What If It Had Been Another Hunter.
  5. it's a game violation

    Every hunter has the responsibility to take a clean and ethical shot, that includes knowing what is beyond your target...that's basic hunter ed there.

    If the birds were bunched up where hitting a double is possible, the hunter needs to wait on the shot until a single bird offers a clear shot. Maybe the birds would have moved off without offering the shot...oh well...isn't that called "hunting"?

    Since he took the shot and dropped two, I would say he needs to be upfront and honest, call the local CO and take his medicine.
  6. I answered your question in the other forum.
  7. I think sometimes we all do it. You see a group of birds or deer or whatever animal and we start to see only the one we are going to shoot and our minds wonders and we do not see the other group and after we fire then we see what happen. My uncle shoot two deer with one shot. One deer was on the hill and the other was coming over the hill and when he shot hit the one on the hill and went threw and hit the other deer coming over the hill (which he did not see) in the neck. We took both deer to the check in station and told the DNR what happen and how it happen and they let him take both deer home. I think if this happen 2 turkey with one shoot, and the hunter took both birds in and told them what happen they do understand that these things happen. That is what I would do is tell my story and be honest.