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Questionable Trophies

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by CambyGSP, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Why is it that most trophy record books REQUIRE the entrant to sign an affidavit, SWEARING that the deer in question was killed legal?

    Is this NOT a way of "questioning" the kill?

    I have recently seen where some high ranking hunting group officials have proposed that every hunter should ALWAYS assume the trophy deer are always killed by legal means and we should NEVER question the validity of the kill.

    With that said, I just wonder if the HRBP is going to do away with their REQUIREMET of having prospective entrants raise their right hand and swear they are telling the truth......After hunter deserves to have a shread of doubt placed on their kill.
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  3. Affidavits O.K.

    The record books all have phony entries in them, so the affidavit is necessary in case there are ever possible investigations. Unless someone has a guilty conscience, I don't see where there is a big deal. These fair chase affidavits have come back to haunt some "hunters" over the years. I know of an investigation going on right now with one of the top bucks in our state (No, not Morgan buck people) that I can't fill you in on at this moment. If this person is found guilty of wrongdoing, how do you think the courts will feel about him "swearing under oath that it is legal".
  4. I've never had anyone even hestitate to sign the fair chase form for any organization. They are either really good liars or just plain ol honest folks with nothing to hide.
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  6. If ya aint got nothing to hide, then whats the problem???? Sounds a lot like people think they are too good to be questioned. I would have no problem with signing any affidavit to verify a legal kill , even if its just checking in a doe. I follow the laws instead of the law following me !
  7. The deer in Indiana belongs to the citizens of Indiana. Every citizen has the right to ask questions in regards to the deer being taken in a manner and by the guidlines that CITIZENS have established.
  8. Camby:

    You originally wrote, "We should NEVER question the validity of the kill." Then you wrote, "Every citizen has the right to ask questions in regards to the deer being taken in a manner and by the guidelines that the CITIZENS have established."
    Which is it? Are we allowed to ask questions concerning the validity or not? Should we not make people sign affadavits and assume that nobody in our state hunts with a rifle after dark? Unfortunately, the actions of a few have led to stricter rules and standards for all.
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  10. It's not any different than when you sign an entry form stating you are 18 years old or older. They want your signature, because if you are lying they have someone to go after legally. You!!