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Questions about public land

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:help:I am relatively new to hunting Indiana, and need some pointers on some of the better waterfowl spots on public lands. So far I have stuck pretty much to FWA's but they haven't yielded much action. Chinook out by Terre Haute seemed to look awful ducky with all the reeds and swampy terrain but maybe the high mineral content doesn't appeal to them? And Atterbury has so many rules you have to have a lawyer present to take a shot. Has anyone got any help for next year?:help:
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I will, I greatly appreciate the info.
Travis- You ought to look into float hunting late season. When a cold snap hits and freezes up the ponds and marshes the ducks and geese will be on the rivers. When I was a student at Purdue we had an old john boat we painted up camo and we shot a bunch of waterfowl on the Wabash and the Tippecanoe. As long as you stay on the water and don't get on the shore you can hunt. Indiana waterways that can be reached by boat or canoe from a public access spots or highway right-of-ways are navigatable waters. They are considered waters of the state and open for use by the citizens of Indiana.:)

I don't know about your area- but in my area its not all that hard to get access to hunt geese in fields. Many farmers don't appreciate them much. Try to ask permission for just a day or weekend. Make it clear you don't want to move in for every season coming up (especially deer), you just want to hunt geese. If you behave yourselves ( which I'm sure you will) you might develop some trust and you might get to hunt more than just the geese. Lots of land that is leased is just leased for deer hunting. Don't be afraid to ask.
Also check with golf courses, sometimes they would be thrilled to have someone shoot some geese.

Hey have fun. If you aren't sure what you are doing call the local conservation officer. If you can't find their phone number call the sheriff's department and tell them you want to speak to a CO and leave your phone number.
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