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Questions to the fishing gods...

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by QuailDancer, May 17, 2006.

  1. I've used rattletraps in the past here and there, but this year I've been using them a great deal.

    I've had way too many fish throw the lure after the hookset lately. Is this common due to the weight of the lures? How best should I combat this? Change out the hooks to larger trebles? Hammer the hookset harder?
  2. split rings

    I've always thought it best to tie directly to the split rings on a crankbait, snugging the knot in the gap of the split ring. Yesterday I read where a guy uses a #1 cross-lok snap tied to the main line, and snaps onto the splitrings.
    Where this would make it easy to change lures and save a lot of knot tying for someone who never wears his glasses, does this effect the way a crankbait will run?

  3. Quail, I've thrown Rattle Traps this year quite a bit also. I've found that when I use a softer rod with more of a glass feel than graphite, my hook-ups have resulted in more fish landed. I have a G Loomis IMX, and a G Loomis crankbait rod. The crankbait rod is a softer, slower tapering rod, and the fish rarely come off. Sometimes, I think the responsiveness of a higher-modulus graphite rod causes me to prematurely set the hook, giving the fish less of a chance to get the lure deeper into their mouths. Also, the snap will affect the action of the bait somewhat, but probably not enough to really worry too much. Lastly, when I direct-tie my line to the split ring, I always tie the knot so that the gap faces left or right of the bait. It's not a good idea to tie in the gap, as your line tie loop can run itself into the split, and you don't want the gap to be on the lure's line tie eye. Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks James, I'll be sure to try a rod with a softer tip.
    I'm also thinking of just slightly bending the hooks out a bit from the shaft on the trebles, may get hung up a little more, but I think it may help too.
  5. try offsetting your treble at each bend to where the barb is offset 1/8th to 3/16.
  6. In addition to going to a softer tip rod you may also want to try this. Change out the split rings that are "factory" on the rattle traps. Use a smaller diameter split ring that takes away some of the "swing" of the treble hooks. This causes the hooks to be more "locked in" and will alleviate the possibilty of the fish from throwing the hooks during the fight.
  7. Some times I go to a sharper hook, after using them a while the old hook loose there edge. I am going to go to the red hooks.
  8. stiffen drag

    tighten up your drag point pole under the water and keep them from jumping has always helped me
  9. Quail give us report on how you are doing with that stupid rattle-trap. HA! HA! We need to tell how it going when we ask for help. That goes for all of us. Dean too. :yikes: :help:
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  10. Ok, here's the update 410. STUPID RATTLETRAPS!
    I've still been loosing a few fish, what hurts is the fact that these were some truely heavy fish that threw the lure. That said, I've also had very limited time to actually get out and fish hard, and when I did, I've been using a lot of jigs, or bottom bouncing with spinner rigs, so the rattletraps have been left in the box.
  11. Don't feel too bad, Quail...I lost four tankers this morning on a jig-and-pig...they just wouldn't stay hooked...:banghead3
  12. I did get a four-pound pike though. I took a picture of it while I was fighting it. Best I could do, as I was by myself.

  13. 410


    Look out for fishing trips with 410. I heard he went to Erie on Friday, then dropped his catch off at a friends house to have him clean them. Didn't even ask the guy to go along with him.

    Harold wants to go back to Erie right away, but has been given strict orders from Number 1 not to take 410 on anymore trips until the fish scaler is done and out of the barn.

    Speaking of quail, I saw two at the end of the drive this morning on the way to work.
  14. He wouldn't....would he??