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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Just curious...why in the world would someone walk around the woods carrying their arrows in a quiver instead of putting the quiver on their bow??? I've seen this several times on archery hunting shows on TV. Does anyone on here do this? If so, WHY??? :coco:
  2. Personal preference I guess. What works for one does not necessarily work for someone else.

    Personally, I've always preferred a 2 piece quiver that is on my bow at all times. I know some say it effects your accuracy, but honestly, I shoot a lot of winter leagues and I've never had it effect my shooting. I went for a while with a detachable quiver and never noticed an improvement. I just like a quiver on my bow at all times for speed loading to keep up with the rapid fire lead slingers.;)

  3. I don't like the weight of a quiver full of arrows on my bow when I shoot. More to weigh my arm down during long shooting sessions, more to make noise. I carry my arrows in a hip quiver, and I have done so for years. I'll probably never have a quiver attached to my bow again.

    Plus, I've got kind of a funky shooting style, and the quiver full of arrows would no doubt interfere with it.
  4. At have a couple of spots i hunt (wooly as hell) where i carry my quiver into the stand location, so i don't lose any arrows. I take mine off in the stand just out of habit, plus that is how i practice, even though i have a level in my sights.
  5. I used to ...sometimes.....but not anymore. One of the woods I hunt has a thicket I have to go through to get to my tree. I would always get my quiver and bow snagged in it. I found it was easier to take the quiver off and carry the bow in one hand and the quiver in the other. So whenever I hunted this woods I got in the habit off leaving my quiver off. This worked out pretty good until this year when I got up in the tree, using my climber, and realized I needed to climb back down and walk back to get my quiver. I always make sure I attach my quiver now as soon as I take it out of the case.
  6. I'm about ready to carry my quiver and bow in some sort of case to my stand. So far this year have messed up my fletchings and ripped the fiber optic off my 30yd pin.
  7. Have you seen those bow slings they have out that covers your string, cams, etc. for use on the way to your hunting area? First one I saw was oldrookie's. My brother has one now too. Rook, does it work good?
  8. sling

    Not exactly a quiver issue. But I purchased a primos bow sling which snaps around wheel and cam on both ends and covers cables and string in camo cloth. By having sling across should and neck my bow is actually behind me hands free. Eliminates having bow in front and getting hung up in thickets, I love it. Quiver isnt covered but doent get hung up behind me.

    Now I need to remember to have nocs up when lowering bow from stand....getting tired of cleaning mud out of them!
  9. Try not drinking before you head out E..........
  10. I don't shoot with my quiver attached either. I do carry a quiver, but when I'm ready in the tree I remove it and hang it.

    And, yes, J.L. I've known you to be quite funky...........
  11. I have had a hip quiver for the last 10 years, for the reason that when I'm in a stand I ususally have my bow on my lap and a quiver on the side of the bow keeps it from setting flat.
  12. You guys are so anal about your equipment!!! :cwm27: Bolt it on and shoot if fellers!!! :cwm27:
  13. I have a 3 arrow quiver and it is light so it doesn't bother me when i'm in the stand but when i used to use a heavier quiver i would take it off. They have some quivers out now that have screws in them so you can screw it into the tree.
  14. I have a selway quiver on my recurves. I shoot my bows actually better with the quiver on as opposed to off. I think its the added weight that makes the release smoother for me personally. One of my buddies uses a back quiver and i never understood that. IT takes so much movement to grab an arrow from behind your back and if you duck under stuff the arrows have a tendency to get caught on limbs.. Ill stick to my bow quiver.