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Rabbit hunters

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by chigger1, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Anybody here rabbit hunt and if so have you had any luck yet
  2. Only 2 so far this year and had to work hard for them.

  3. yea i know that feeling we saw 1 and it was kicked up. the dogs could not track it cause it was to dry. i hope rabbit hunting gets better as the season goes on
  4. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    i got one

    but the coyote's are taking there toll saw three the day after that and missed everyone of them to thick of cover.
  5. One rabbit thus far, and I wasn't hunting, just running my beagles. My female (slowest of the three), actually caught a rabbit. I think maybe the rabbit was sick or something, I just can't imagine her catching one. I got it away from her before she ate much of it.

    With the new snowfall I plan on getting out this afternoon and see what we can do. I have a 2 yr old male "Buzz", and a 2 1/2 yr old female "Jenny" that are excellent hunters. I have an 11 month old "Roxy" who was the runt from Jenny's first litter. Roxy has been running rabbits on her own since she was 7 months. She's sort of been made into a combination house & outdoor dog, but it ain't hurt her huntability one bit.
    -Dan- ;)
  6. Went out Sunday to a friends house. He has about 3 acre patch of brush and swamp grass. Have taken as many as 7 in 1 hunt here. Only saw 2 and got 1. Had to step on them to get them to run. But I have no beagle either. Took my 10 month lab and introduced her to them. She had no idea what we were looking for and when I shot the 1 she looked to the sky thinking something was falling. Joke was on me. Then when she finally saw what it was she said thats no bird and wouldnt pick it up. Oh well she had fun running around. Wish dove season was open, there was around 100 working the area there. Seems like Sept was last week. Except for the snow.:rolleyes:
  7. My hunt Saturday did not go well. Rabbits were setting tight. Saw one, no shot. Rabbit holed up real quick too, dogs barely got started on him and he was gone. I found the hole he went in. Did not see very many tracks at all. I figure they were still held up because of the fresh snow.

    I thought Sunday would have been a great day to go. I'm surprised they were still holed up on you.
    -Dan- ;)
  8. I'm taking the beagle, Lucky, out to Huntington Res Monday, I'll let you know. I usually get 3-5 in two areas in a couple hours. well just see
  9. I got another one earlier in the week. I'm a little surprised to not see more in this area which has been loaded with 'em for the last couple of years. We may be starting on the decline of the cycle over the next few years.
    Better get 'em while the gettin' is still good.
    -Dan- ;)
  10. Been out once, on last weekend of ML season. Ended up getting more quail than rabbits. Got one bunny and 4 quail out of the same small patch of prairie grass.
  11. Been out the last 2 weekends - seem to get stuck on that fourth bunny every time. We have gotten 4 rabbits every day. That's 16 bunnies for the past 2 weekends, and 3 very tired (but happy) beagles.

    I am hoping to get out tomorrow and possibly again this week before I have to go to work in the afternoon. Got 2 new places to hunt I want to try out without any pressure from other hunters being with us so I can just run the dogs and nothing else. And, if I get lucky, I can pop a couple more with the ol' .410 pistol. This pistol hunting for bunnies is soooo fun!!!
  12. went out with a friend of mine saturday, he just got his licence so i figured i would let em use my beagle, gave me some testing time for him since its the first real time i tryed hunting with this dog. scared up one but my friend didnt get a shot at it. that was all we saw the rest of the day, tryed my grandpaws farm as well as his friends lol.
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  13. Hunted all day sund, dogs ran one.

    I don't think we have the rabbits that we had last year. and the we do have are really small.

    What do you all think. Population down??
  14. Had a coyote chase one rabbit up under my treestand during deer season, think the poor bunny was coming to me for help. The coyote must have winded me just as i pulled down to let him have it; he stopped at 60 yds. and went back the direction he came. Been wanting to hunt rabbits, but seems i should kill some coyotes first. Saw a pack of 5 few days prior to that episode.
  15. Going out this weekend with a group of guys, to see if we can get some with our bows.