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  1. Hunted all day Sat. in some of the best rabbit ground I have been on . Ran 8 shot 6. Now two years ago we hunted the same properties and we killed 20 in about 6 hours. The last two years the rabbit population has gone down. I don't know why, if its the coyotes or hawks or breeding season but somthing is up with the rabbits. Does anyone have an idea? We use to shot at least 10 a day behind the dogs now its tough to close to that.
  2. I don't think the numbers have gone down. The past three years we have been consistant with our numbers. First year having 97 rabbits, to 93 rabbits, and last year of 98 rabbits counted. It makes it a fun season having 6 dogs to run the rabbits and a great group of hunting partners.

  3. habitat in our area has been plowed under so rabbits have gone away
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    I too wonder about the rabbit population...don't hunt them anymore but it seems when we're bird hunting we just don't see as many....habitat? cycles?

    I still can't pass up a brush pile without kicking it to see if a rabbit runs out.
  5. Take caution when kicking those brushpiles. Some of those rabbits look sweet and cute on the outside, but they're killers.

  6. I went out with a buddy and his son on Saturday and the son saw 4 and got one shot off (buddy and I were the "dogs"). Usually we take out quite a few, but there were yote prints as well as fox.
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    Nothing that the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch wouldn't take care of.
  8. I lost my access to what I thought was very good rabbit ground. The ground I have now is mediocre at best. I do love to hunt rabbits. Has anybody had any success on public land? I do not use a dog.
  9. Doc I think there is a few things going on in our area too. Farmers are taking out fence rows, coyotes, foxes, hawks and yes even some wild dogs. People are spraying the fence rows, spraying the brush and they are cleaning all the ditches and spraying them too. I wish that someone would get into a office around here that likes to hunt. They are not as many around here like they were. Oh I all most forgot my wife has a couple of bunnies in the crock pot as I type this.
  10. TinyT- I live in the NE Ind as well We flat out don't have the rabbits on my farms. They aren't there, running 8 rabbits all day out of 5 different farms is not good. I just think there is an overall decline on my properties. I am thinking about not hunting them for a couple of years, but I am not sure what the life expectancy of a rabbit is does anyone know.
  11. I would guess about 4-7 years.
  12. has anyone heard of rabbits cycling kinda like grouse?? On hoosier hunter a guy said every 7 years, i've never heard this before, anyone else??
  13. i think i have heard my grandpa say that before, but we have had a really good year here, so i dont know about the problems that have befallen everyone else..
  14. Seems to plenty around the places I hunt birds. I'm guilty of having not once taken my beagles for a run. Oh, they get out on the 3 acres of e-fenced area for them here at the house, but they haven't been in the field all season. ****** weather partly to blame.

    Going to make some of it up to them tomorrow though. I took the Cocker pup for a walk through a woods I hadn't been in for while, he bounced 4 bunnies out of the multi flora rose. All I had in my hand was a blank pistol

    Got every one of 'em too! :)
  15. Whoa! We got the ole offensive language meter wound rather tightly I see. Alrighty then!