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Raccoon Help

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by rico, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. I know this sounds like a broken record but I must once again call on the infinite wisdom of the message board. Rabbits are leaving my garden along(evidently due to dog hair and human hair) or my shooting quite a few.:evilsmile But a new scourge has arisen......'coons. The little furry critters seem to think my front porch is Cedar Point. Climbing in chairs, knocking plants over, and antagonizing my mouser(cat). Of coarse this doesnt happen at a respectable hour, it is in the middle of the night and the wife and I are starting to lose serious snooze time. Any suggestions out there for making them stay away? One more night of this is gonna drive me crazy. And I am gonna start plugging their pelts full of lead! The hair trick doesnt work with them. Any suggestions or input?
  2. Rico just go and get a live trap. That's what we did and caught and took away 8 raccoons in one week. Believe it or not I told my wife man that's look like a huge coon in the livetrap and we looked and there wa two in the trap.

  3. I got a live trap...but past experience has shown me you dont always catch what you want!!!!! i.e. skunks and that would be bad right off of the front porch!!!!!
  4. Skunks on the porch would be a smelly situation! :lol: :lol:
  5. how true that would and does happen and does stink.
  6. rico build you a box trap if you want to trap a skunk. i've trapped about 15 in the last 2 yrs. if they can't see you they think their hidden and won't spray. i've even put the trap on the back of my 4 wheeler and drove them off in the countryside then turned them loose.they won't spray if they think their hidden. coons will chew out of a wooden trap though. skunks love catfood.
  7. Just what kind of "box trap" are we talking here?
  8. I Have Found A Wire Live Trap Works Well Baited With Cat Food. I Used To Catch One A Night For About A Two Week Period. I Would Then Drive Them A Couple Of Miles Down The Road To White River And Let Them Go. I Must Also Say That A Bb, Pellet, Or .22 Short Works Well Also.

    Since No One Hunts Or Traps Coons Anymore, Their Populations Have Flourished. Popping A Few Here And There Will Not Hurt Their Numbers.
  9. just like the old time wooden box trap you used to catch rabbits. i've used them for years off and on. they are basically the same thing as a live trap. they are just enclosed with a trap door in the front set off by a trigger. i even caught my cat last year. they work real well. i can give you measurements if you like.
  10. Can you post a pic? Mine is a wire trap. At my old house I would use it to catch stray cats and the occasional skunk would stumble in.
  11. Still concerned about catching a skunk! I have no problem with shooting them, but I am pretty groggy at 3 am. Really thinking about getting an outside dog!!!! Some mutt that I just let run free.
  12. I shoot the coons with a paintball gun. My neighbors and wife thinks I kinda nuts but it works. Works so well I heard a paintball gun going last night,neighbor comes out of his back yard with a big smile on his face. Won't kill'em but scares the crap out of them.
  13. roflmao!!!!!!
  14. idon't have any way to post a pic but if you pm me i'll send you a pic and measurements you need to build one. address to.
  15. Just got the pics and plans......Thanks Larry.