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Rage Broad Heads

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bowhnter, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. I have been thinking about making a switch from muzzy 3 blade broad heads to the Rage.
    I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on them?
    Anyone that went from muzzy to rage what your thoughts are?

    Just trying to get a feel for them before I go out and make the buy.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I also think I'm gonna use the rage this season. I was thinking about going with the slick tricks, but after seeing some dvd's where they use the rage I'm leaning toward the rage. 2 inch cut is incredible. It seriously looked like the deer was shot with a slug. The blood trail began where the deer was standing. I haven't heard anything that made me not to think to go with them. Sounds like a great bh.

  3. Guy who hunts with me used them last year, awesome blood trail. I may switch to them this year.
  4. Rage

    How do these bradheads do on quartering shots? I have allways been skeptical of mechanical broadheads for this reason. I guess I have heard before that on quartering shots that they tend not to open up. As anybody else heard this?
  5. Hey guy's, I've used Spitfires for years and they've never failed me, especially quartering shots. I tried the Scorpions one year (same maker of the Spitfires), which looked a little bit like the Rage. The original Spitfires have a solid sharpened tip. The Scorpion and the Rage have a bladed tip.
    Heres the deal, I shot a small doe at 25 yards opening morning of that season and the broadhead didn't penetrate the shoulder on the opposite side and ruined my arrow and broadhead. About three weeks later, i shot another doe, quartering away on the same trail, only this time I had my old Spitfires and they shot through the shoulder and stuck in the ground. I still use that same broadhead and arrow.
    My buddy shot a nice 10 pointer from the ground, after getting down to check his arrow after a missed shot with one of these and shot clean through both shoulders and we never found his arrow. The buck went about 40 yards before piling up. I have quite a few more stories about them but you get the picture. Just passing along some info.
    Hope this helps.
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  6. how could you possibly improve on a Muzzy?

    I wouldn't shoot any mechanical, and I have no reason to switch form Muzzy to anything. As long as I hit em where I'm supposed to no problem but if I hit bone no problem either !
  7. I had fits with mechanicals, poor arrow flight on the range, and one wounded deer, I'm sure the broadhead didn't expand right becouse the shaft had poor penitration. I will say last year at a check in, I looked at someones deer, shot with a Rage, and yes the hole was very impressive.

    I switched to fixed blades three years ago and will Never go back to mechanicals! Slick Tricks and Razorbacks for me.

    The fact that the question even came up "How do they open on quartering shots?" should send up some red flags in my view.
  9. I`ve Shot Mechanicals For The Last Three Years- Grim Reaper Brand And Have Not Lost A Deer Yet. I Shot Fixed Blades For The Prior 20 Years. Percentage Wise, I`ve Lost More Deer With Fixed Blades Than I Have With Mechanicals.

    Now, I`m Not Taking Sides One Way Or Another, I`m Just Saying That You Should Use What Is Most Accurate For You, Both Will Kill Deer ,if Your Shot Is Good.
  10. I do like the new Slick Tricks Quail. I wonder how those or Muzzy's would shoot on a 5575 Gold Tip graphite arrow? Any of you use them?
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  11. One of the Rage's claims to fame is that it will not have problems on angled shots like with some mechanicals, the blades open from the rear and are fully opened by the time they enter so there is no blades to catch and deflect on a quarting or high angled shot. I have not used them yet but I plan on it this year, I have heard a lot of good things about them from a bunch of people on another forum
  12. This is what I'm using this year........ Exact setup w/ Muzzy's
    Ive only shot about 12 arrows w/ them, looks like no tuning for me.
  13. I shoot tricks on a 7595 arrow. I made the switch to tricks last fall to see if they were all that they were claimed to be. I was impressed with them. They fly absolutely true. Great broad head, IMO. All that will be in my quiver this fall.
  14. I shoot 28" GT 5575's with 3 blade Muzzy's and they fly great.
  15. Thanx guys, It was hard for me to trust a mechanical broadhead when I started using them but they flew so well on my arrows. Like I said earlier, I have had no problems with the original Spitfires, but I'm worried about the new ones opening. I'm going to try the Muzzy's or Tricks for backup, and if they fly as good as my Spitfires they will go in my quiver this fall.