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Ran the Dog

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ccavacini, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ran the dog yesterday and today.

    Sat. morning I took her to Mongo...had to run her in Section D.

    Sun. morning took her to Cedar Swamp.

    She didn't last very long as it started to get hot quick.
  2. Worked my spaniel yesterday too. In the morning we had a "training" session at a local outdoor art exhibit. Great way to sneak in Heeling and socialization in a large crowd.
    Took him dove hunting with me in the late afternoon. It was very hot. Dog learned very quickly that when ever I take a shot, it DOES NOT mean a retrieve follows. Eight shots, zero birds, the poor pup looked bored.
    I did let him run a little near the end, and he actually flushed up a nice hen pheasant, it was fun to watch the flush and let her fly...another good time for the dog to hear "No Bird".
    Maybe next time out he'll get to taste a feather.

  3. better luck next time, quail dancer. At least you saw a pheasant. The only ones i see around my area are in flight pens. (although i do have some productive quail spots come november)
  4. the main reason i dove hunt is to give my shorthair some exercise; but the missed shots do tend to test his faith in me
  5. I was very pleased how the dog behaved for me. Being steady on a long sit/stay or down/stay is hard , given that he is just under 9 months I was pleased with how he did. Sure lit a fire in him flushing the pheasant. Again he calmed down fairly quickly and was able to come back shortly after to sit at my side and wait for more flying birds. I wasn't as eager to actually shoot any doves, as I was to see how he might behave in a blind on what will be his first duck hunt this year.

    He has great instincts in the field, quarters well, flushes, retrieves,swims great, follows directional signals, but sitting quite for a long time hasn't been his thing.
  6. Ever try pigeons for training. I have a 7 month lab. This is my first (hunting) dog. Have shot over 150 pigeons over her this summer. Took her on dove hunts last week and she took to them like it was bred into her. Cant wait to hit the water. Have shot pigeons with her in all types of cover. They were a great head start.
  7. Where do you get your pigeons? I kept a few quail in a pen in the back yard, but they've all been shot now. I keep them frozen to use for retrieves in the yard now. I haven't been able to find pigeons anywhere. I have thought of buying a trap to see if I can get a few that way. The other thing is I have to worry about noise. I live in town and even the few quail I kept penned made quite a bit of noise in the evenings.
  8. Notice my screen name. I raise and race homing pigeons. This is the time of year to get cull birds from people who race. I have access to around 100 right now. $4 per bird or $250 FOR ALL Pick-up in South Bend. Dont wait cause they will be gone this weekend. They work great for training. Just got home from doing 12 this evening. After about 10 in thick cover the dog gets pretty wore out in this heat. Is it duck season yet????? You have to watch where you shoot them at. I contacted a CO before I started doing this. Wanted to release them off my boat in the water and train her that way also. He told me that it was illegal to shoot pigeons over state water. If you want to do it over water it has to be private property. But over land is different. Contact a CO in your area just to be safe. Anyone else need pigeons?
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  10. Pup and I were out in the field tonight. The idea was to work on getting the pup to "hup" (sit) to the whistle while at some distance from me, had the dog quartering well, then to work on recalls. I love this dog, I brag about this dog, but tonight...guess we all have our off days. It was soon time to just snap on the short lead, work a good deal on heeling, and enjoy the evening air.
  11. Worked on off leash heeling tonight. Amid a sea of distractions , the pup did me proud! Can't work on enough on those basics.
  12. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I admire your training procedures...I never did teach my dog to heel off leash...also, when a bird flies, she chases until I blow the whistle...It's interesting which battles we will fight and which we won't.
  13. My Boykin is still very young. The off leash heeling is something that's just started to take shape the last two weeks. I am afraid I don't have him on birds nearly often enough to work on getting him steady to the flush and shot. I am working on getting him to Hup (sit) from a distance to a single whistle blow, but my results are very hit and miss in that area yet. I don't plant enough birds to let them fly off as "punishment" if he isn't steady, so I make sure I see daylight beneath the bird and shoot. I bet I'm just encouraging the chase.
  14. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    You bring up some good questions...steady to flush. My dog isn't....but I make sure I'm real close to her and am real careful when I shoot.

    Normally, I get real close because she's locked up tight. Sometimes, the bird may be up to 10 or more yards away because she's pointing scent.
  15. Abby too

    Abby will point long distances and then we creep on the bird. AS I was reading the post I saw many things I wanted to comment on. I too walk my dog in public areas off leash so I can work on basic obedience. It is good as it provides distractions and other temptations. My dog is not steady to anything other than point. but when I give a command she will usually listen, as far as if she is in pursuit and I miss or don't shoot a couple of Quick "no birds" usually will turn her back. I have gotten busy at work so this is all I can remember.

    Cavinci I just got your PM I am not sure when and now if I will bw going I will be in touch.