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range finder

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. thinking of purchasing a nikon 440 range finder. does anybody have one and how do you like it? or what would anyone recommend.
  2. nikon 440

    I bought one on ebay and love it. Haven't been in the field with it yet but have used it a lot on golf course and is dead-on.


  3. ah Rook...isn't that cheating?;)
  4. For some reason, I think that the USGA is starting to allow them. At least I thought I read that somewhere.
  5. Old Rookie needs all the help he can get when it comes to the golf course.
  6. The 440

    I got the 440 for a gift at christmas so havent used it to hunt yet BUT my brother uses it while golfing and said its dead on with aclear view
  7. just a thought

    Who thinks measuring and marking objects is traditional to bow hunting, as well as determining your distance w/o a laser? Just a thought. I don't use one, one more thing to carry, get out, mess with, and screw up.

  8. well that's true but their good for alot of other things to besides hunting. been times i wanted one in my boat just to satisfy my couriosity on distances.
  9. traditional thing

    I have never seen so much debate over traditional equipment vs the technology available to us today. I thought golfers were the goofiest but now have been surpassed by the hunting community. If its legal and you feel good about it why not use it?

    BTW, for those that do hit the links on occation, rangefinders have been approved by the USGA and RNA.

    Quail....for those of us that do not always hit it straight, they are great when you don't have yardage markers two fairways over. Oh and long putts!

  10. How right you are

    Just razzin' ya rookie...and don't peek in the lower pocket of my golf bag, you'll find my rangefinder stuffed in there. Now if I can only get my deer to stand still by the might do me some good.
  11. Very pleased with 440

    I had a bushnell 400 since 1999, it finally gave out last year. I bought a nikon 440 off ebay and love it. I used it all last deer season and bowhunting turkeys this spring. I don't even have to carry binos anymore with 8x power of the 440. It does however take so getting used to the 8x at close range though.
  12. thanks for all the replies. i think i'll get one.
  13. Scrapewatcher, I've used the Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout for two seasons now and love it. It's especially handy for gun hunting, but I use it for archery too. We shoot from John's hay mow to the 3-D target out the back of the barn. It helps me adjust my pins so I can simulate these same yardages in the treestand. I used it last shotgun season to shoot my buck. It was 137 yards out, so I knew to aim a bit high on the shoulder.

    A word of caution if you use it on the golf course, however: Don't drop it lense down if you have a golf ball in your'll break the glass covering:banghead3 !!!

    Yep, that happened to me late last summer. Which is a good reminder that it needs fixed.
  14. Yardage Pro Scout for me. Has not let me down in the stand or on the range.