1. Anybody getting any range time in? After getting acquainted with a new muzzleloader.....I am addicted. Since mid april I have put over 200 loads through my Optima. Need to get some technique down free hand.

    Started shouldering off of monopod and found out its a whole different ball game from the bench.
  2. not really, rook...

    been getting some bow time in...but not enough...

    of course if i had a new optima...i might be workin on the muzzy too...haha

  3. I get out for Rifle/ML at least monthly. Anywhere from 20 - 30 rds ML and about 100rds .357. Pistol (IDPA/Glock) I try to do weekly, but it usually ends up about twice a month.

    This June & July though I've really got to spend more time there working on my .410 slug loads (pressure, velocity & accuracy) and tightening up my 100yd offhand .357 groups with my 180gr loads.
  4. Loading

    I read your post on coming up with wildcat load for your 410. My hat is off to you + I have a greater appreciation for $$$ spent "experimenting". I thought golf was an expensive hobby. By the time I got on a roll with this ML, I wanted to try hornady then barnes then nosler then speer. Then it had to be with different powders, as you can tell...I am hooked. The traditionalists are already getting me interested in maybe a hawkins or Kentucky...who would have thought?
  5. I finally got some range time in with the bow this past weekend. For upcoming season....that will be my first love. I have got to finish the deal I started last year.:biggrin:
  6. Who has time for firearms when I have a brand new bow, arrows and broadheads to break in? That coupled with the fact that if I catch fish I can eat fish makes it very difficult to want to go shoot at paper. Paper doesn't fillet well. I thinks the guns will stay in the cabinet for just a little while longer...
  7. I honestly, don't break out the m.l. until Sept. (sometimes later), and it only gets a handful of rounds run through it. When it is on it is on. I'll put in a little more range time this year since buying the Omega, but not a whole lot. As most know, I don't gun hunt much at all and I really don't get a lot of enjoyment out of sitting at the range shooting. I'm the worst about it. I have a safe full of guns that simply don't get used, but I just keep adding to them.

    I go out and run a few rounds through my .17 every once in a while, but that is really the extent of my shooting.

    My bow is a different story. I usually don't shoot much from June to the end of August. Too busy with kids stuff, too hot, fishing, etc. But from the first of Sept. through the end of May I shoot at least every other day and sometimes more often.
  8. I spent some time shooting my bow last night. I've been recovering from a shoulder injury and as yet hadn't been able to pull my bow back. Last night was the first time I could actually shoot a dozen arrows. Twelve arrows...would have equiled 11 dead deer and one nasty tracking job....11 out of 12 isn't bad, right?

    The shoulder is hurting a bit this morning, but not bad enough to be keep me from shooting, so I'll keep at it and sharpen up some.

    As for shooting, I'm looking forward to spending some range time with my daughter very soon. She's determined to hunt this year, and is working on her Hunter Ed. material. Start her off on the .410 and then the plan is to have her give the M/L a try. I'm betting she'll find the recoil is very minimal.
  9. Thanks for the feedback OR. Reloading/Wildcatting can be expensive, sure (especially mold development) but it's an interesting intellectual exercise as well as a hobby - and it has the potential to help people out/improve hunting. Can't ask for more than that.

    I really need to work with my Bow though. As soon as I get the chance to pickup a Block (or somthing similar/less expensive... Suggestions anyone?) I can shoot in my back yard (Max range 30yds).
  10. Black Hole is made by the same folks at the Block and less money. There are others too.

    The best and least expensive target is simply to latch onto a bunch of heavy Visqueen or similar heavy plastic material. You can get it free from some places if you keep your eyes open around construction sites, or you can buy a roll that will last you your lifetime of shooting for a reasonable price. Stuff the Visqueen material into a target bag. Just stuff it in randomly until it is firm, not rock hard, but firm. As for target bags, you can buy replacement ones from Delta and others for under $10, or you can head to the local Co-op or other feed mill and pick up a feed sack for $1 or $2. Pack them full, then use wire ties or sew the end shut with fish line. You'll have probably less than $5 in your target and it will last and last. If you start wearing out the shooting areas, replace the bag and repack the Visqueen. The Visqueen will literally last forever.

    Oh, that target is for field tips only. If you want to shoot broadheads, get a broad head target. Broadheads will eat a Block type target for lunch.
  11. Thanks for the idea! I've got a dozen field points looking somthing to stick into....

    That bag shouldn't allow more than 6" penetration, right?
  12. Yea, you'll get about that. As you shoot it up, it will start stopping arrows mid shaft. Once you get to the fletching, just pull out the Visqueen and randomly stuff it back in. I'm not kidding, the Visqueen is reusable almost forever. You'll go through outer bags 10x faster than Visqueen.

    I've got a Delta bag I packed about 12 months ago and it is still going strong on the original packing.

    The Delta type bags will outlast a feed bag if you leave your target outside. They have a UV protector in them that a feed bag doesn't have. Feed bags will deteriorate over time due to sun damage.
  13. You think a 25 or 36" Delta would be better? Remember, I'm 25 years out from my last bow... and shooting Finger release.
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  14. Check out Eternity targets too. I've only went through two of these things since 1996. And that's with a lot of shooting.