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Rapala X-Rap

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Has anyone tried the Rapala X-Rap yet ?
I seen them used on the IN-Fisherman TV show, and liked what I saw so, I went out and bought a couple at the local Walmart. I'm not sure what hook they have on them but, they are sharper than the hooks on any other crankbait I have ever purchased.

Any hoo, just wondering if anyone has any input about them pro or con.
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trolling for walleye ???

how deep do they dive? what is your favorite crank for trolling for eyes ?
A friend of mine was fishing the X-rap over the weekend, nailed a 34" Musky on Wolf Lake(whiting/Hammond area)..He says he'll use it again....
I went out monday (Prairie Creek) didn't catch any but, using 10# fireline 100' back @ 1 mph I would hit bottom at 7.5 feet. I did hook something but, it got off before I seen what it was. Didn't feel big. Was probably one of them pesky white bass.
I purchased at least one of every color I could find.So far I've caught a Pike,and a couple Smallmouths,with them.
Thanks fishing addict. I'm hoping to hook a few walleye in the next week or 2.
I was told they work well during the night time, casting them up into the shallows the use a slow retrieve back to the drop offs.

If the forecast for the next week is correct, the pre-spawn walleye bite should be in full swing.
Good luck.
We can't fish them here for 5 more weeks.Last Saturday in April,Pike,Walleye,& Trout,open back up.Bass doesn't reopen till a month after that.
I understand. Much as I love walleye fishing, I wish Indiana had a closed season on them too.
We have so few places to catch walleye here, and every spring, anglers remove enough spawner's to do a lot of damage to the re-population.
I would much rather have a shorter season with more fish.
I have read that walleye usually won't spawn until they are around 16" in length. With our 14" minimum, and the walleye being our first of the year fish that spawn, its no wonder we have to stock our lakes annually.

I see people here going nuts over 14" walleyes. When I release any keepers I got, you should hear some of the people asking me to give them my fish. They act like its their last chance to ever eat a walleye. It really makes me sick to see people slaughter so many and so small walleyes.
We have alot of them around here,too.I know of several places I could go today and watch guys keeping anything they catch,no matter the size,or the season.It really aggravates me.
If you try to report them,it's useless,as the shortage of CO's makes it unlikely that you will get one to come out.(especially if it's not trout or salmon)
I guess all we can do is catch and release,what we know is right,and pray they will get their rewards,someday.
I agree, I don't fish for waleye much just because there are not many around my aera. but I still think that we need to give there population a fighting chance.

As far as the x-rap I just bought a couple last week. they are waighted good. I cant belive how long they suspend without moving. the bass are going totare them up as soon as the water warms up a bit.
Off the original topic somewhat, but I wish the DNR would stock more lakes with Walleye instead of wasting their time and money on dumping trout into Indiana water.
ccavacini said:
wasting their time and money on dumping trout into Indiana water.
I wish they would stock more walleye too but, Don't you think the trout fisherman feel the same way about walleye ?. After all, they do purchase a trout stamp as well as a fishing license.

From what I am hearing, has been working with the stocking program.

Soon as I hit the lottery, I'm gonna make sure my favorite lakes are stocked real well. lol
I hear what you're saying about trout and the trout stamp...but, have you ever been to a place where they dump trout and watch the fishermen, standing shoulder to shoulder, trying to catch little fish?

I've love to be able to buy an Indiana Walleye stamp
I hear ya dude. Before I would stand right beside another person to fish, I would go to Walmart or Meijer and buy my fish. Save the bait money. LOL

I know them guys love it but, I think I would not last 5 minutes before I pulled out a can of whoop butt. :bash:

Actually a walleye stamp is a darn good idea. Maybe then we could make the Governor keep his hands out of the funds. ? probably not. :mad:
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