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Rare sighting

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BuckStopperXL, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. While out in the woods on Wednesday night, I got the surprise of my life! As I'm sitting in my stand, something in a tree about 15-20 yards away turns it's head and looks at me. It was a great horned owl. The GHO was probably about 2 feet tall and beautiful! It watched me for a moment then took off across the bean field. Only wish I had a camera with me:eek:
  2. Had one land on a branch about 8 feet right in front of me one time. Awesome birds!

  3. I hunt in an owl hot spot, see a bunch of them. They are amazing. I'm assuming one has poor aim, there are also a couple squirrels in my area missihg half a tail...lucky squirrel/ hungry owl?
  4. Rowdy


    Had the pleasure of seeing a white snowy owl here in Indiana once. Ive seen quite a few great horned owls. Still they are awsome birds!
  5. And some people say we're crazy for going out sitting in a stand for hours at a time..... they have no idea what they are missing. We have spotted a bald eagle at the property we hunt in Parke county a few times. A couple a years ago I took my wife up to show her where we camp, as we were driving down the lane going back to our campsite, the eagle flew down off the ridge and flew in front of us for couple of hundred yards. It was no more than 15-20 yards in front of us the whole time. My wife couldn't believe it. Things like this are one of the many fringe benefits of hunting that most people never get to experience.
  6. thats the biggest reason i hunt you just never know whats going to happin next!
  7. yeah and the chipmonks r always fun to watch
  8. while speaking of bird of prey. i was in a wooded area west of martinsville indiana a few weekends back when i saw an eagle do a remarkable thing. this eagle was along a lake side and nocked a squirrel clean out of a tree straight into the lake. it then turned and picked the squirrel clean out of the water. an amazing site. the days i miss not sitting in a stand.
  9. Rowdy


    Reminds me of the time my neighbor bought a Yorkie pup and was trying to train it to go to the bathroom outside. A large falcon or hawk of some kind swept down and grabbed him. Its awful that it happened, but awful funny as well. I have never had an $800 dollar meal.
  10. I can't imagine paying 800 bucks for a yorkie...bark bark bark, yip yip yip:banghead3
  11. no kiddin i like dogs that crap bigger than those lil ankle biters
  12. leaving my hunting area last weekend i saw something in the rd. about dusk. getting closer a redtail hawk flew up and had a small possum in his talons. pretty neat.
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