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Reaction time test

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. "Bobbing Bobcat" was about the best that I could do...thanks, Cary, now I'll be playing that game all day.

  2. Addicting little game for sure! I was consistently at .188 sec
  3. 3- Rabbits...and no coffee yet...Ha!!!
  4. Sluggish Snail here. I blame my reaction time on past experience opening Cary's threads. I kept expecting at any moment one of the sheep would turn into a gremlin and try to give me a heart attack. Cary makes me gun shy.
  5. I'll never get anything done today now....after my 4th try I made it to poor little thing took a dart on the second step. Thanks Cary!
  6. 1818 is the best i can get
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  7. Finally got to "Rocketing Rabbit." All it took was a Mountain Dew.
  8. Rocketing Rabbit for me, I cant get faster than that.
  9. .1488:woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1:
  10. Bobbin Bobcat..........I'm going to get a pot of coffee and try again.
  11. Damn, no wonder Pigeon can shoot them crossing wood ducks! Bobbin bobcat for me.
  12. Best time for one was .125. I am a rabbit. I was waiting for a devil to jump out too.
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