real turkey feathers

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  1. i started to cut my own feathers today, made 4, 5 inch flu flu's for my recurve, going to make some for compound bow also can i get a clean cut with just a pair of scissors? any hints on splitting and trimming the bases besides in fletch clamp
  2. nope there are commercial jigs you can use to take the quil sections down but they are expensive and you can honestly do the same thing with your jig and belt sander. When i split my turkey feathers i use a razor blade and split them down the center of the quil. stick them in my clamp.. Turn my hand held belt sander upside down turn that baby on and grind them flat on the belt. Just do a little at a time or your gonna be pissed when you burn through one. IT doesnt take much. Whenever i split the feathers even if i glue them down i always wrap the leading end in silk thread its protection for your hand on your recurve. Nothing hurts worse than getting a quil jammed into the back of your hand when a feather goes zipping across it. Good luck ..

    for the cutting part. I use my die cutter for that. you can achieve a cut with scissors doing something like a pope and young shape pretty easy. First cut is across the top cut it flat across the top at the height you want the back of your feather to be. The next cut is a cut at a diagonal from the back of the feather at the heighest point to the front of the feather up against the quil. You are creating a point on the front of your feather. The last cut is a nip at the back of the quil that that gives you that swept across the top look. Once you do a couple it will get better. A sharp pair of scissors is essential though. Post some pics when you get them done arrows with real turkey feathers are pretty neat looking. Good luck.

  3. thanks for the tips good idea on the belt sander that will save alot of time thanks for the silk idea also didnt think about that. i will post when they are ready
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