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Hello marcellus..

You are correct. Hunter's View is recalling a number of the safety harness assemblies. They have posted a notice on their website at:

I have been a member of the Hunter's View Pro-Staff for some time and I have been in contact with many of the employees and executives there on a regular basis. I have even visited their estabklishment in OPeria, Illinois a number of times. I can assure you they will take every effort to insure the safety of every person using their products and maintain the integrity of their products.

I have been using their products for possibly 7 years now and I have had NO problems whatsoever. There are now three generations of deer hunters in my immediate family... myself, my son and grandson, and we are ALL using Hunter's View Products and I would NOT be hesitant to recommend them to anyone.

Bud Fields
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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