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Received Repy From The IDNR Concerning Rifle Use For Deer Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by David4759, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. This morning I received a reply, by e-mail, from the IDNR concerning the use of Rifles firing "Pistol: cartridges for use in Hunting Deer here in Indiana:

    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for your comments regarding a draft proposal to change the restriction on cartridges in handguns and allow rifles with pistol cartridges. This draft rule proposal is still being reviewed by the DNR and is still only a draft.

    Each year, legislators propose a bill in the Indiana General Assembly that would further restrict the distance from which a person can discharge a firearm in relation to a school, home or other building. This would severely restrict hunting opportunities in Indiana. Because of Indiana's topography and population density, the Division of Law Enforcement is concerned that the continual progression of allowing guns with longer ranges in Indiana will only lead to an increase in hunting accidents and possible legislation that will further restrict locations where shooting/ hunting can take place.
    The proposal to add rifles with pistol cartridges was drafted in response to legislation that was introduced this year in the General Assembly. The legislation that was drafted proposed allowing long-range or high-powered rifles to take deer. The DNR has drafted language that would allow only pistol cartridges in rifles as well as draft language that would change the restriction on cartridges in handguns. A public hearing and opportunity for public comment would take place if preliminary approval were given by the Natural Resources Commission. However, this language is still only in draft form and has not been presented to the Natural Resources Commission.

    We are well aware of the issues that you mentioned and we thank you for your comments.

    Linnea Petercheff
    Operations Staff Specialist
    Division of Fish and Wildlife
    402 W. Washington Street, Rm W273
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Phone: (317) 233-6527
    Fax: (317) 232-8150
  2. There Is Virtually No Difference In Trajectory Between A Legal Pistol Round And A Illegal Rifle Of The Same Caliber, Or Even A Modern Muzzleloader For That Sake. I Do Not See How They Can Have One Legal And Another Illegal. From My Interpetations Of Her Letter, I Wonder If They Are Going To Start Reversing Current Rules And Take Back Some Muzzleloaders And Or Slug Guns.

  3. I too read and interpreted the same as you. I also wonder what their intentions are:confused: I went back to re-read the letter once more and it really does sound like they are going to revamp the whole equipment use on Deer issue. What they come up with is anybody's guess. They might have us using "Buck shot" or going back to using smooth bore slug guns.
  4. DRS is that you??????

    The reply you received is a stock letter from IDNR. Many people pro and con have received the same thing.

    Nothing is being taken from present legal weapons! NOTHING!!

    Your comments on another site as IDNR officials being ANTI-GUN did nothing to help your cause as well as your attitude towards "organized groups". You then say you need to "educate" the Director?

    I hope one day you find diplomacy.......

    By the way, introducing it in the Legislature is not winning friends either.
  5. Better watch out JB, he'll send you hateful pm's if you talk against anything he says.

    Oops, I'll have to watch my inbox now....
  6. After reading your post; I looked up the various average ballistics of :

    (1) Sabot loaded Shotgun Slug........Velocity is from 1,500 to 1,900 FPS.

    (2) Muzzle Loader loaded with a sabot pistol bullet.....1,800 FPS

    (3) Modern (Pistol Cartridge) fired in a rifle- 20" barrel (.44 Mag) ....1,750 FPS

    Other than the weight of the bullet there is not a whole lot of difference.
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  7. Just an FYI, you can load new muzzleloaders hotter now with 150grains and say a Powerbelt. They advertise 2500fps in a 45cal 175gr and 2300 in a 50cal 245gr. I don't know what the smokeless ML fps is at. You can get up to 1900 with an 18.5" barrel in 44 mag with 200gr. They say you gain around 50 feet per second per inch of barrel you gain so where does that leave you with a 24" barrel if/when they make one?(They may already, but I don't know of one) 30-30 is made in a 24" now.

    My guess is since they have come out with more aerodynamic bullets for the 30-30, 444, and 450 that took them to 300yd guns, that they will do the same for the pistol calibers too. It's just a matter of time.
  8. Bump...Thought I bump this!!!!This last post really says it all...:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  9. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

    They don't really want the truth known!!!

    Gotta remember the company line..............

    10. cheaper amo

    9. less recoil

    8. more fun to practice

    7. bring in more women and children

    6. ballistics the same as shotgun sabots

    5. ballistics same as muzzleloader

    4. can clear up and outlaw rifle cartridges in pistols

    3. only a one hundred yard weapon

    2. Medium range rifle, not cowboy rifle

    1. Because I want it.................
  10. Whats that got to do with using pistol rounds in a Rifle?:confused: I jhunted in KY the pas 15 years and passed on many small bucks, as well as some antlerless Deer.
  11. I talked to 2 CO's yesterday and they talked like pistol cartridge rifles were already a done deal.
  12. Thats what some are hopeing...The battle has really just begun!!!!;)

  13. All excellent reasons for adopting this proposal, except for #4, which is not being discussed at all.

    Number 1 should be - Because we want it. This will be another majority rules decision by the DNR and NRC.
  14. Actually, it has been disussed to on another thread. But they aren't going to clear up the hand cannon rounds before they allow pistol rifles. This whole thing is becoming ridiculous. As usual, anything that involves politics gets *(&(*(*& up by the politicians.
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