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Recruit New Hunters!

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Hunters as endangered species? A bid to rebuild ranks.

    Christian Science Monitor

    Along Indiana's highways, 50-foot billboards pitch: "Take a Kid Hunting Day." They depict father and son ambling down a country road - two dead ducks drooping from one of the boy's hands, a shotgun in the other. Trying to appeal to youths' instincts for fun and family, Indiana state officials and national hunting advocates are banking on a phalanx of sophisticated promotions to lure a new generation of would-be hunters into the fields, or woods. Indiana's first statewide youth hunt is one of many state and private initiatives emerging this fall that aim to ensure that hunters don't become an endangered species.
  2. I dont think the problem is the lack of hunters, but the lack of huntable land. They said the amount of hunters in Mass. went down by half, where are the suppose to hunt in the towns and cities.

  3. Googleye57 - thanks for posting this. Kyle Hupfer sent it to me today wondering what the hunting community thought about the effort to get the kids into the woods and into the sport of hunting. Good move I think. We'll see after he gets the Youth Deer season established.

  4. I have two daughters age 9 and 10. They both go out with me on bird hunts to watch the dog work. Help out as my "bird girls" tossing dummies. The oldest was given a bow last year, only target shoots at this point. The 10 year old has also gone deer hunting with me several times. She loves going up in the tree stands, but I have to pick the days and weather well, so she won't get so cold. When the weather is on the iffy side, the hunting blind offers a little more warmth and less wind. Blinds also allow the kids to move a little more, which makes it easier on both of us. The oldest also bagged her first squirrel last year!
  5. Good deal! You are making treasured memories for both you and your daughters.:) (Also we will need those voters in the future to keep the sport safe from the anti hunters:mad: )
  6. My son (5) accompanied me for the first time last year. I'd recommend a ground blind as it offers more movement for the little ones!:biggrin: I picked a day when the weather was good, waited until later in the afternoon so we'd hopefully see deer without sitting there all day, and took plenty of snacks. I didn't even take a weapon. We saw several deer and my son LOVED the binoculars.

    As I was washing him up in the tub last night he asked me if I was going to shoot a deer this weekend, and when he could go out again! The seeds are planted and he coorelates quality time with dad in the woods! I couldn't think of anything better.

    Of course I asked him his favorite part of last year, thinking he'd say seeing all the deer, but he responded with "The Fritos"...:cwm27:
  7. Sounds like my kind of guy:corkysm55