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Reflections and Enlightenment from the Treestand

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by reowen51, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Genetic Reflections and Enlightenment
    from the Tree Stand

    Some of my greatest moments of reflection and enlightenment have come upon me as I sit perched above the best whitetail habitat I can find. My tree stand positioned in a natural setting has a way of establishing a connection to the secrets of the universe that only a fellow bowhunter can relate to. Situations unraveled before me can prompt thought processes that contain a clarity that can only come from the creator. It is from these experiences that I know I am truly blessed.

    The tree stand was positioned in a large ash tree right on the edge of a woodlot, which bordered an already harvested soybean field. From my vantage point I could see back into the woods a considerable distance as most of the leaves had already divorced themselves of the branches they had clung to the last six months. Fifty yards to my right was a fence line that ran into the edge of the woods I was sitting on at a right angle. Beyond that fence was a standing cornfield. It was the 13th of November and the whitetail rut was at its apex. For several days now I had seen the signs of increased mating activity. Rubs and scrapes were all around. I thought, tonight just as the wind dies down like it always does at sunset and everything goes quiet, a buck will follow a doe into this bean field. Believe, remain motionless, and patient I told myself. It doesn’t get any better than this!

    Having spent well over two hours on stand with nothing to do but watch the sun sink into the horizon before me I waited for the winds to die down. They did just as the lower half of the sun dropped into the trees on the horizon. In that quiet time it is easy to feel, “lucky to be alive”, and I did. I felt even luckier when I heard corn stalks breaking and grunting coming from the cornfield the other side of the fence. From the speed of cadence stamped out by the deer in the corn I expected to see exactly what occurred next.

    Two yearling whitetails burst out of the corn, cut through the fence line at the point where the top strand of barbed wire was broken and ran into the bean field. They stopped and looked back over their shoulders at the corn. They were only fifteen yards from me. Neither they nor I was interested in each other. My Gaze was fixed as theirs was on the corner were the fence and woods came together. Another grunt found my ears and there was movement in the corner. A doe tail up and walking emerged from the corner. She walked right straight at me closed to about ten yards and stopped. She too was looking back. Another grunt filled the stillness and a flash of antler right on the edge of the corn.

    Now there are days when you are glad to be alive and there are days when you are lucky to be alive this was a little of both. Everything suddenly stopped moving and momentarily I lost my visual on that buck. Seconds later I see him twenty yards further out the fence line than the last time I saw antler. How did he get there so fast I asked my self? Another grunt from down in the corner made me realize there was two bucks not one. Have I mentioned lucky yet? The doe suddenly trotted out to the middle of the field where the yearlings stood. The buck in the corner moved quickly to her and was past my position before I could even raise my bow let alone draw.

    Another grunt broke the stillness and a third buck emerges from the fencerow forty yards from my position. Have I died and gone to heaven?

    Three bucks are now in the field with a doe in estrus. There are three others watching the two yearlings and I. The nearest buck, as luck would have it, was a genetic mutation. Sporting a left antler that had what looked like three spikes growing out of it and a small right side that although it looked normal wasn’t very big I quickly decided he wasn’t the one I wanted. Buck number two was a small symmetrical six point probably a year and a half old. I would have considered throwing a sharp stick at him had it not been for the third buck, the one closest to the doe and furthest from me. He was an eight point and he had all of my attention.

    The sun was now gone from the sky and animals in the field turned black as their shadows pulled back against their flanks. The eight point moved on the lesser bucks and they both streaked straight at me. The mutant stopped right under me and I remember thinking I’m glad you are not going to do any of the breeding here today. Keep those genes to yourself!

    The romance out in the field continued until well after dark and I not wanting to give away my position I sat quietly with my thoughts and listened for the deer to finish up and leave the field. While I sat in the silence I considered my luck today and I thought about genetics and reproduction. I wondered if the mutant would ever score and would that bad gene get passed along. I thought back to a biology class I took at Ferris State College years ago and in the darkness came this clairvoyant set of thoughts.

    I am so lucky to be alive. I am a mutant like my daddy before me and his daddy before him. As males we all passed along 23 chromosomes that joined 23 chromosomes in a woman’s egg to continue our species. It takes 46 chromosomes to make a human being.

    My Mother as well as all the other Mothers will produce about 450 eggs during their reproductive years. Half of me was one of those 450 eggs. I do not have 449 brothers and sisters. Those unfertilized eggs all died except for my four siblings and will never have the opportunity to witness what I witnessed here today or any other day for that matter. Wow, how lucky is that?

    I came about because of my Father’s sperm. It was produced to the tune of about a million a day and an astounding nine trillion during his lifetime. The other half of my genetic code I got from him. I do not have nine trillion siblings I only have four. All the rest of those possible people vanished only possessing half of their genetic make up. That is so sad!

    As I further realized that each of those sperms crossed with any of those eggs would have produced another sibling I became in awe of myself. Quiet reflection. Sitting in the dark I realized something that has never left me. I am the greatest miracle in the world and with that title also comes the awesome responsibility to do something really special with my life. So many others will never get the chance.
    There is something out there for each of us mutant miracles to do. We are the only ones born to this purpose. If we do not do what we came here to do then why was this wasted on us?

    I have thought back on this hunt many times since it happened about ten years ago. It had a purpose far greater than harvesting a whitetail buck. Something that only comes to you in those moments of clarity, under the watchful eye of the Great Spirit and creator. I humbly pass it along to you.

    I harvested that eight pointer in the story two days later on November 15, with my 45 caliber Hawkins gun. I don’t want you guys to think I never get anything. Come to think of it I got something the day of the original sighting of this buck...and it came from my connection to the universe that my tree stand affords me.

    Success is a decision:
    Motivational Speaker and Author
    Robert “Bob” Owen
  2. Watch out Deano, a little competition on the writing. See how it flows from his mind onto the keyboard? A little philosophy mixed in for good measure, you might be able to learn something here friend.