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Reloading Shells

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by 410, May 20, 2006.

  1. Do you reload your own shells? Tell the gang what shells you reload along with the caliper, type of power and the size of bullets or shot.:coco: :yikes:
  2. Yep! I reload my own cartridges. Have so for 38 years, and below is what I currently reload:

    (1) .22 Hornet.........40 to 50 grainers, (.224") using H-110

    (2) .25-20 WCF.......75 to 86 Grs., (.257") using IMR-4198, Unique powders

    (3) .270 Win...........130 grainers,(.277") Using IMR-4350, IMR-4064

    (5) 7.62 X 39 m/m........123 grain (.310") & 150 Grain (.308"), IMR-4198

    (6) .44-40 WCF............200 Grain SP & Lead (.427"), 2400, IMR-4227, & Unique

    (7) .44 Rem. Mag.........240 Grain Hornady XTP (.430"), H-110, WW-296

    (8) .458 X 2" AMERICAN.....300 to 400 Grs. (.458") IMR-3031, IMR-4198

    Over the years, I've reloads some 25 different calibers. I receive much better accuracy than with factory loads.

  3. I've never reloaded shells before, but after spending a few hours out there with 410 may have to learn how...that guy puts a lot of lead in the air !!!
  4. Just to let you know Quail we threw over 900 clays and shoot over 1,100 shotgun shells, 12,16 and 20 ga. So quess what I load most. Remington 209 primers, red dot power, AA wads and 1 1/8 ozs of 7 1/2 & 8 shot. Plus just like David I think that my reloading your own shells you know where they are going to shoot. Quail hope you had a fun day shoot with us and we will have to do it again sometime.
  5. It was a "blast", next time I'll try to drop one of those clays too!
  6. For
    38,357,45 acp and 45 long colt motly for targets alot of powers and lead.
    35 Rem. 180 and 200 gr. H 233
    7 MM. 150 to 180 gr IMR 4350
    12ga. 1oz ,1 1/8 and 1 1/4 in # 8 # 5 # 6 LongShot and RedDot power
  7. 22-250rem, 243win, .270win, 30-06, 357mag, 44mag, 45 LC
  8. I load 32 mag,44 mag,8mm mauser,.204 ruger[what a dandy!]9mm,7.62x25,.223,7.5 mm swiss,30.06,7.62x54,.303 brit.--looks like theres a few of us here,it would be good to compare notes,some things i do in loading are not in books and might need some imput from others here.its hard to buy all the reload manuals .
  9. I have most of the books already what do you need to know.

    Speer Honady
    P.O. Ackley
    Accurate Lyman's
    Precision Reloadind Steel Shot
    Alliant Powers
  10. You listed about 280$ in manuals you lucky dog.Im lacking info on the 204 ruger,i know enough to go at it blind,but i could get blinded!--Then theres Barnes info on .223 for the XLC 53 grain that i need,it said in the box you have to add more powder than normal because of that 'blue' slicker than Bill Clinton coating,im up to 27.6 gr. of winchester 748 and the still low,im getting worried as my load for a 'uncoated' bullet is 25 grains/win.748/55 grain bullet,which is 3100 FPS.So far they are very accurate ,1/2"groups at 2800 FPS.-im shooting a DPMS AR-15,any help is appreciated.
  11. I've nevr use them before so the only thing that come to mine is the primer.

    maybe some one that use them can help.

    From the book.
    Barnes info on .223 for the XLC 53 grain FB Win 748
    Charge Weight 24.0 Vel. 2911
    Max. Weight 28.0 Vel. 3396
    XLC data cannot be used with other bullets

    The differns from the 53 XFB and the 53 XlC is the XLC has a 1/2 grain more of power.

    I hope this helps.
  12. So it says 24 grains at 2900 FPS? thats what worries me as with 25 grains i got 2800,maybe that data they come up with is for bolt action and not a gas operated .It doesnt show signs yet of pressure but maybe i should settle for a lower speed,dont realy need it for a 100 yards or so,to costly to use for a match. Thanks
  13. Just asking if any of the group make their own muzzle loader bullets. What size and caliber? Has anyone brought one of those 52 caliber muzzle loaders? How do you like it and what brand?
  14. Before I started using sabots; I use to cast bullets for my .32, .45, .50, and .54 cal. M/L's. also cast bullets for my .44-40, .32-20, .25-20, and a few for my Hornets.
  15. Started reloading last year when I was no longer able to financially support the family's shooting days.

    We have Me, the Wife and 4 kids who all shoot. When we go out for an afternoon we can easily fill a 5 gallon bucket or two with spent brass. For the 4th of July weekend we went through approximately 10,000 rounds of mostly pistol ammo.

    Curently we reload for the following calibers:

    9mm - 45 auto - 40 S&W - 44 mag - 357 mag - 38 spl - 380 auto - 32 auto - .223 - 5.45x39 - 7.62x39 - .308 - 30-06 - 8mm - 7mm mag - 7.62x54R - 5.7x28 - .243 - 7mm-08