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Reserve a DNR put-and-take pheasant hunt

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ice dude, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Reserve a DNR put-and-take pheasant hunt

    Put-and-take pheasant hunt reservations can now be made online at

    Pheasants are released for put-and-take hunting at Atterbury, Glendale,
    Pigeon River (West of state Route 3), Tri-County, Willow Slough and Winamac
    Fish and Wildlife areas and Roush Lake.

    The hunts begin Nov. 19, and typically run for the next nine days.

    Hunts will not be available on a first-come-first-served reservation method
    at the property, as in past years.

    Put-and-take hunts are $15 per person and the bag limit is two birds of
    either sex. A hunter filling his or her bag limit in the put-and-take hunt
    may not take any more pheasants that day.

    Hunters will be able to select the date, property, and property location for
    their hunt. Hunting reservations will be available until noon on the day
    prior to the hunt date.

    Applicants need to supply their hunting license number in order to register.

    A valid hunting license and Indiana game bird habitat stamp privilege are
    required to hunt pheasant. Pheasant hunters should wear a solid fluorescent
    orange outer garment such as a coat, vest, coveralls or hat.

    The DNR recommends pheasant hunters use a 12- or 20-gauge shotgun loaded
    with shells holding 4- to 6-size shot.

    Put-and-take hunt registration:

    DNR property information:

    Indiana hunting and trapping regulations:

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  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I got 4 reserved dates....the only question is will they still take walk ins? I'm sure there will be guys who don't know about the on-line reservations and will show up real early to be the first in.

  3. Those guys need to read the Hunting Guide and learn about these things. I guess they are in for a shock after driving long hours.

  4. No walk-ins will be accepted, even if there are spots available. Reservations must be made on-line in advance.
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ouch!! I suppose they'll learn the hard way...I remember last year there were signs posted at Mongo (and if you ever stood in line, you know you have plenty of time to read the signs) indicating this year's on-line reservations.

    If nothing else, they'll just extend the hunting days until all the birds are gone.
  6. what facility are you hunting?

    I will be at winimac, mon, tue, and wed. I am kinda happy for this new system. That junk of putting a chair in line and going back to your car and then 10 people come stand in line with you got old. I was also happy because everwhere was an hour ahead of me so we rolled outta bed at 2 am. the on year we got there and people had like 10 chairs lined up so b4 they all gotout i went and stood at the entrance door honked em all off. I told em in my book a chair doesn't make anything other than someone once sat here.
  7. sign up for put and take pheasant release

    Please inform me as to how to sign up for put and take pheasant release in Roush Lake. Thank you, Dale G Delph
  8. This isnt the first year for the online registration. This has been done for several years now. I would think that by now all people are aware of the way this thing works and wont be showing up to stand in line. No walk ins are allowed. You can however give your dates to somebody in advanced if you are unable to go. They must have your paper work plus a letter from you indicating that you gave permission to the party. I got up at midnight on the firsst to get online to get a few of the better spots. Way to slow for that time of night ( must have been several people online) went back to bed and go up at 5:30 and same thing, just to slow. Went to work and then got online after work around 4:00 several of the spots in areas where already taken. After Thanks Giving day the areas are limited. Not sure what is worst, getting up early to get online during the work week or standing in line the morning of to get in. I guess I will still rather take my chances in the warmth and comfort of my home. I got six days at Roush Lake. Typically it is a real good time.
  9. No openings after Thanksgiving at Roush. Can't believe these hunts fill up so fast!
  10. I was up at midnight on the 1st and it took over 30 minutes just to reserve 2 hunts at the slough lol In that 30 minutes or so 2 area's sold out!

    It has been this way for at least 4 years now. The problem I have with the system as it is now, is the fact that we are seeing "guides" buying up a ton of hunts and reselling them. No proof of course but when you are standing at your area and 3 trucks hauling dog trailers pull up get 2 dozen dogs out and 30 people gather in a circle for "instructions" and are divided up between "handlers" you kind of know wth is up. They then plow threw the fields and push past other hunters with complete ignorance. They also bounce from area to area before the 1pm allowed time, but no matter what gets said nothing gets done about it :(

    The only good thing is that they run threw so fast that the dogs miss half the birds so waiting 30 minutes and walking behind them usually yields enough birds to keep it interesting even with out a dog :bouncy: