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Restoring Our State Parks

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Now that Mitch Daniels has been elected (and part of his platform was using the State Park resevation system)
Do you suppose there's anything we as sportsmen / Sportswomen can do to get our Public access, and camping facilities which were closed or unimproved due to budget cuts re-opened? Letters, Email, Phone Calls, Etc.

This is not mean to be a politically motivated post, but those of us who camp, hunt and fish at OUR state parks really took a beating with the previous admin. Higher License costs, and no increase in the service provided.

If you have any thoughts or perhaps contact information please post it in a reply.

Warsaw, IN
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I really don't think we'll do any better under the new administration. They say they are looking for new places to cut spending, as if there was any fat left in the Indiana state budget. I think they will be more likely to increase users fees on the basis that people that use the services will pay for them.
I believe it was Mitch Daniels who, as head of OMB, called the US Park Service "the world's largest lawn-care service," if that gives you any idea of his attitude toward parks, lakes and the environment in general. Recently, he also appointed Thomas Easterly of Valparaiso as Commissioner of IDEM; it is said that Mr. Easterly specializes in nurturing partnerships between the invironmentalists and industry. So, maybe if there is a way to link the camping and the great outdoors of Indiana with the creation of jobs and the expansion of business, you will see changes to your outdoors experience. I am not yet sure if "changes" are the same as "improvements," but it is really too early in this administration to tell what might happen. We should have a better sense of Indiana's environmental fortunes by the summer of 2006, once the administration is settled in and working. That's my take on it.
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