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Results from meeting with IDNR Director

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by jbwhttail, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Members of this forum;

    I met today with Director Carter and we discussed many different issues concerning sportsmen(and ladies).I found Mr Carter very interested in what hunters and specifically,

    deer hunters have as concerns and projects they would like the IDNR to address. The following are topics that we touched upon in no particular order other than the first two as being tops on the list.

    1. Deer and Exotic shooting pens, can we get them to a 5-7 year at maximum operational life. After that period they would never again exist in Indiana.

    2. Public land purchase,Minnehaha, this is a very important purchase looming and how can we work together and make it happen. If coal was available under Glendale Fish & Wildlife area would it be a fair trade for more property and maybe some cash? I said "personally" I would be willing to trade coal at Glendale for Minnehaha.

    3.Tele Chek for deer and turkey, I responded, "cheaters will always be cheaters". I also added that the OBR should have no bearing on whether or not Tele chek is used. also that questions could be added to get hunter response in addition or replace surveys. Mr Carter added that POP license sales also have that capabilities he believes.

    4 Game violations, we discussed how "some" county prosecutors refuse to prosecute game violations.He (the Director) would recommend that the DNR law enforcement division meet with IPAC (Indiana Prosecutors) and attempt to start a friendly dialogue.

    5.OBR,QDM,Deer Management, He said right up front he is not a deer hunter but does hunt waterfowl and he listened.

    6. Wildlife management areas, I discussed Wilbur Wright and groups willingness to help and participate in food plots, plantings and cutting or killing of invasive species. I also suggested using people from the penal system.

    7.Deer Licenses, I explained how the need is there for specific season license but "firearm season is still a buck only license and could be better utilized as an either sex license. Should a person decide to take an antlerless deer on that license he would not be allowed to take a buck with a firearm during that season but be able to take one (if not already have taken) with an archery or muzzleloading license. he thought that to be reasonable.

    8. Non Resident license, I told him that many people believed we should have a reciprocal license, what another State charges us for deer hunting their residents should be charged. He liked that idea and it would need to be addressed in the Legislature.

    9. Cleaning up Wildlife rules, I suggested Law Enforcement and sportsmen groups work together to rewrite easy to understand rules that sportsmen hunt and fish by. Too much confusion from years of modifications.

    10. Crossbow License, I suggested the need for clarity and a season for crossbow as it is neither a piece of archery equipment nor a firearm. It would need to be addressed by the Legislature.

    11. Legal firearms, We talked about ALL of the hot topics, .410 shotguns for deer and how they are marginal at best. Pistol cartridge rifles, modern powder muzzleloaders, rifle cartridge pistols and of course centerfire rifles. Two concurrent things, safety issues of the public and hard to put the horse back in the barn after he is let out.

    12. Plugged firearm for deer hunting, Mr Carter as a waterfowler agreed with the concept.

    13. Antlerless permits, I posed the question why are they not allowed on Fish&Wildlife areas, yet allowed on State Forests, both are surrounded by private lands? He agreed it was an interesting thought.

    14. Out of season permits, I questioned a revisit to that topic. The $500.00 damage needed, how is 500.00 loss the same to a 40 acre farm and a 1000 acre farm. Shooting when fawns are dependant on mother for survival, is it humane to let fawns starve to death? Shooting with a .22 rifle, as we have many reports of intentional gut shooting so deer run off to die. He listened.

    15. Deer Advisory Committee, Mr Carter asked if this still had value. I responded that in our opinion it does, when deer hunting contributes over 4 million dollars annually to IDNR budget it is very important. I suggested it be revised with quarterly meetings and new participants. start fresh and get fresh ideas. I suggested the group be made up of landowners who farm, Deer hunters who have no association with local or national groups and local deer hunting groups. I discussed the gridlock of consensus and having animal rights people on the committee.

    16. EHD, We discussed how areas he is from have been hard hit this year and harvest as well as deer population are down significantly. I asked why "emergency rule" was not used to resend bonus antlerless harvest quotas in those counties as this is what the "emergency rule was for. He had no specific answer for this, in fairness being a few days on the job I totally understand and maybe no one even thought of emergency rule as it could have been applied.

    17. Public meetings, this went hand in hand with the Deer Advisory Committee. I said we should have public meetings on wildlife and fishery issues, 3-6 of them statewide for sportsmen who refuse to write or are not internet equipped. I also suggested that NRC meetings were not customer friendly as they are always held mid week during working hours.

    I think that is about it, I may have forgotten something but if so it is not intentional. I think we covered a lot of ground in under 90 minutes.

    I want to make it very clear to everyone, no agreements were made on any of the issues above, except for a commitment to open dialogue and willingness to work together to better Indiana's natural resources.

    Joe Bacon

    President IDHA

  3. Thanks for the update Joe, looks like several key issues were brought to his attention.
  4. Thanks for the udate Joe.............Job well done.:coolgleam
  5. Thanks Joe! Sounds like good topics to get started on.
  6. At least he is a hunter of some sort, could be worse. Nice work, Joe.
  7. not a deer hunter.......

    You know not being a deer hunter might not be a bad thing. We all are individuals as deer hunters and have our own ideas and beliefs on how best this resource should be managed. I hear how we are divided, how the OBR has been the biggest flop or biggest boom to Indiana's deer management. How we pit weapon against weapon or hunting style against another. In business some of the best ideas have come from an outside source who has no "predudice".

    Mr Carter was willing to listen, he asked questions when he didn't understand my point and his most telling comment to me was........."hunting was not intended to be easy".

    I would like Indiana recognized as a leader in wildlife management whether it be deer or quail. I know not every region, county or Fish & Wildlife area can be managed to produce what everyone percieves as a paradise for hunters and fisherman, but we can not remain "Status Quo" and hope that it changes naturally.

    I recently heard a financial advisor speak and he had the best quote I have heard in a long time and it applies to everything in our life...........

    "You can not do things the same way and expect different results, change only comes when you commit to change the way you are doing things."

    I think as sportsmen we need to focus on the big picture, points #1 & #2 I discussed and then take baby steps as we improve wildlife management. Hunter image is VERY important. And as we have seen on all Indiana web sites there is concern for the image we are portraying.

    I talked with some of my customers in Kentucky today and they were surprised that Indiana does not have a plugged gun rule, I guess they have it for all weapons in all seasons. Is this something you fellas support and would truely like to see?

    Image is everything,the anti's make up about 7% of the US population, Hunters another 7% and those who have no opinion 84% of the population. We nor the anti's will ever make a decision on hunting to continue, but that 84% will.

    I hope that I and the IDHA can be a conduit to IDNR for hunters, if not choose another State organization......... IWTF, IWF, IBA, QU, PF, IWL, ISR.........

    Jack do you have contact numbers or addresses for these groups?
  8. Thanks for your efforts, Joe.

    For sure.
  9. A different set of non-prejudiced eyes and mind might be what is needed. Hopefully he can seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    Not true. From the KDF&WR website - "Semi‚ÄĎautomatic and pump action rifles or shotguns able to hold more than a total of 11 rounds (10 in magazine and one in chamber) are NOT legal for deer hunting."

    How many hunters in Indiana have been injured or killed with the 4th or 5th shot? I know that none of us like to hear five or more shots in rapid succession, but what is the premise to not allow the standard 5 shots in a shotgun?

    The three shot limit for waterfowl is a federal regulation.

  10. You ever had slugs whistle by your head and watch the leaves jump as they hit the ground less than fifteen feet away from you? I have. I remember after the first one making myself as small as possible behind a tree, and I also remember four more after that one. A plugged shotgun leaves two less slugs sailing around out there to kill someone. If you're to the fourth or fifth shot, you probably don't need to be shooting at deer anymore anyway.
  11. Thank you for your countless hours!
  12. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Your welcome rook, i try to help out when i can!
  13. I started hunting when I lived in Oregon. At that time, I was just a bird hunter. When you bought a shotgun, it was plugged. I guess it's just habit for me, but I never load more than 3 shots in a gun. Count me in as one who hates the sound of multiple shots being fired in the woods next to my hunting grounds. Plug the Suckers....the guns that is, if you want to plug the morons behind our woods, be my guest on that too.
    By the way, now all my bird hunting is done with a s/s 12g or single shot 20g, guess I'm a less is more kinda guy.
  14. I diagree about this trade. I do not think we should trade what little land we have, unless we are gauranteed to get it back fully reclaimed. Even then deer hunting won't be good for quite awhile. Glendale has some excellent hunting and fishing, and us southern boys don't have a lot of public land as it is.

    I am from Pike County originally and we had tens of thousands of acres of coal mines that were awesome hunting. Now we are seeing all of the Old Ben, Amax, Solar Sources, and Black Beauty mines being either developed or sold as private land and it is killing us hunters. And now on top of that all the private ground is all leased up too.