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Rewards For Killing Deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Beagleman_Dan, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but this is the first I heard of this idea. I don't know about you, but I have reservations about this. I know there are different types of "hunters". Some are looking for meat for their own table, some are looking for a monster buck, and some are just out to kill as many deer as they can. The latter are the guys I have little respect for. And in my opinion, this idea for rewarding those who kill an extra deer to donate will only appeal to those who love to deer hunt for the sake of killing.

    What are your opinions?
    -Dan- [​IMG]

    P.S. I did see where this was sent out in the October 27th issue of
    Believe it or not, the article below is from a Seattle Washington
    Newspaper. Seattle ? [​IMG] Unbelieveable.
  2. Dan - as you know I spend a great deal of time working on various issues within the Indiana DNR. In certain parts of the state our deer herd is almost out of control. The only viable option is to reduce the number of does in those areas as quickly as possible through programs like this. We may not like the idea but if we don't the next step is to hire sharpshooters to do the job we can do distasteful as it might be to some. And that of course will cost money. I will probably take 2 does and no bucks this year trying to do my part. I'll keep one and donate the other.


  3. Until I moved to Indiana from Michigan, my friends and I were trying to manage the herd on the property that we hunted because of the over-abundance of does by shooting and donating the meat to the local food pantry. We didn't didn't do this for the love of killing. We were trying to get the ratio closer and if that meant we could help someone less fortunate so be it.I would take 1 buck and 2 does for myself to last me the year and 1 extra doe to donate. It kninda made me feel like I was helping my fellow man. It wasn't for the joy of killing. I understand what you are saying and on some level I know you are right because I have met hunters like that. They hate the taste of venison but will shoot 4 deer just to put something on their wall. Just my .02.

  4. Good replies on both accounts.
    I guess I have never been in an area that a deer heard was that big. Just the other day I was reading an article about a Wisconsin community that is asking people who wants a free deer? The DNR is having a sharpshooter take 60 does from within the city because of the trouble the large heard is causing. All they need are people to take the meat.

    Sometimes I am fearful that insurance companies are putting so much pressure on, that the DNR (whatever state) over reacts and allows too many deer to be taken. I will always remember the stories my Dad told me about Michigan back in the 50's, when the state practically wiped out the deer heard. It took a very long time for the heard to recover. I think this is the type of thing I fear.

    Thanks for the replies. Jack, good to see you hear too. Your name is one of the first I recognized, and why I joined here. And yes, I'm the same Dan as from M.S.
    -Dan- ;)