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Discussion in 'Comedy' started by indylandon, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Do you know how I know that Rex is Gay?

    It doesn't take a jersey to make you a PACKER!

  2. get your jollys for the next week colts fans...
    feb 4th...
    the windy city knocks the wind outta the circle city haha

  3. Grossman isn't gay....maybe people are assuming this because he's from Bloomington?

    Come on people, you've got to have something better than this.

    The Monsters of the Midway are waiting!!!! A message to Peyton Manning: Prepare to be sacked multiple times...hope your little thumb holds up!!!!!!!
  4. Good luck Dean, maybe we can wager a beer on it, payable at the Deer Classic if you can make it. I'd like to meet you anyway...... (even if it costs me a beer??)
    Looks like the Packers had they're way with the "Monsters-of-the-Midway"...............Sorry Dean, had to be said!
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