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rifl in or out

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckmaster, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. i want some straight up answers please
  2. In, short to medum range straight walled pistol rounds only.

  3. Like tenring mentioned above, the proposal is for low-powered rifles that are in the same power class as shotgun slugs. The criteria is as follows:

    minimum bullet diameter of .357"
    case length without bullet must fall between 1.16" and 1.625"

    The DNR had a meeting on March 26 to get public input. The majority is in favor of allowing these pistol caliber rifles (PCR's), so it's probably going to happen, but the DNR has not released a final decision yet. They have a meeting scheduled for May 22.
  4. great the kmart cowboys will be in full force this season

  5. ??????????
  6. That's funny right there....I don't care who you are.

  7. Yeah, that is simply hilarious that we can make fun of other hunters...

    You guys should be real proud that you can do that.

  8. [​IMG]:help:
  9. Just remember everyone...we can not use psarcasm, humor or wit in any of our posts...some of us can not deal with anything but 100% pure facts and monotone speech, and no opinions, unless they are validated by certain individuals...:coco:
  10. OK, I'll see your silly-arsed CAS Gamers and raise you a silly Arse who believes in Shotguns Only...


    Are we having fun yet? :bonk:
  11. They are taxpayers, license buyers, Indiana citizens with a full right to access the wildlife resources of this state.
    Where does one earn certification to be an "in" guy? Do we have to buy a firearm of a certain price or manufacture? Do we have to have a certain kind of Pick up, or SUV to be qualified to judge other hunters in this state. Do we have to have killed a deer with some minimum sized horns on its head. I have decided I would like would like to be judgemental about other hunters, their equipment and opinions. Does anyone know where I can earn that right? How do I know I have reached the level of sophistication required to look down on others?
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  12. When your intelligence quotient has dropped below 100. ;)
  13. Mark, if you want to look at posts where these type of comments are used over and again, look no further than the rifle threads. You'll find plenty of "sophisticated" comments on those threads.

  14. Sure, we can say anything we want and if called on it we can claim it was "psarcasm(sic), humor or wit". :coco:
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