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Rifle hunting in Indiana for deer in 2006?

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by tersuesar, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I heard that the current handguns that shoot rifle cartridges will not be allowed for hunting whitetail durring the 2006/2007 season but rifles that shoot handgun cartridges will. Is this true?
  2. I Hope it is.​

  3. I doubt it to be honest. I see the IDNR reluctant to make any changes let a lone a weapons change.
  4. Changes

    There was a movememt afoot to change some of the Indiana Administrative Code sections that dealt with defining legal weapons, I'll see if I can find out if those changes happened.
  5. Really, I don't know why there would be any fuss about the current pistol laws. I don't know the stats but my experience it that very few hunters use a pistol. I only know one pistol hunter who uses a contender or similar gun that could use a rifle cartridge like the 35 rem. and he usually prefers the shotgun where he hunts. As I understand it, the 35 rem is the smallest caliber allowed. The speed/range cartridges...223, 270, 30-30, 300 are not allowed even in a pistol. The few pistol hunters I know just carry a 357 or 44 on their hip with their shotgun.

    Don't get me wrong, I would love to use a rifle. I'm one of those guys that would lob hand grenades if it was legal. I just don't think the current pistol laws need to be changed.
  6. If i have said it once i have said it a thousand times. Whats the point of bringing rifles into this state for deer hunting? Our laws have already made it easy enough to kill a deer. Our land doesnt provide the type of terrain that could support a flat shooting cartridge without causing more of a "caught in the crossfire" kind of situation for gun hunters in an already over crowded opening weekend woods.

    Only cheapening the experience and continually allowing newer, faster, flatter, longer ranged weapons doesnt do anybody any good it only allows our woods to be flooded with more "arm chair" hunters. There has to be a correlation between weapon, safety, and numbers of hunters.

    As for lobbing hand grenades if it were legal? I think that is just the thing that many of the outsiders or on the fence citizens about hunting would see and be shoved to the "ban hunting in my area side of the fence." We as hunters have to watch what we say and watch what we wish for. There are hundreds of thousands of citizens out there that are undecided about hunting. They dont care that it goes on and they understand why people dont like it, if we continually want better weapons allowed, more "hunters" in the field, and longer seasons. Its those same people that are going to say alright enough is enough, I dont like this anymore and its those same people that are going to start dropping monthly donations into an anti-hunting organization's pockets.

    You guys can disagree if you like thats fine even make your comments about it, but thats my opinion it may not be correct, but it might be something you want to think about. Your childrens hunting is whats in the balance, not yours not mine, but our childrens and our grandchildrens right to hunt. Thats what our decisions today will effect in the long run. Keeping those people, that dont understand why we hunt but can tolerate it, on our side of the fence is critical to our future as outdoorsmen. Those are my thoughts, take em' or leave em'
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  7. I DIDN'T MEAN TO FIRE ANYONE UP. It's just an expression. Obviously, it was taken the wrong way..I apologize. I meant that I am not a traditional only...bow...muzzleloader...hunter. I work within the rules and common sense. I would like to use a rifle just to have another option. I have not lobbied anyone and have never stood in front of the statehouse over the topic.
    As for the danger of a rifle in Indiana, I agree, in most of the state it is impractical and dangerous. Modern shotgun ammo and new in-line muzzleloaders have range I wouldn't have dreamed when I started and are just as effective and practical as a rifle in the vast majority of situations. Current shotguns and muzzleloaders are more at accurate at 100 yrds than the big rifle cartridge pistols. I just see no reason to penalize the few pistol hunters that choose the big single shot pistols. IF YOU WANT REAL DANGER, TRY CAMP ATTERBURY ON THE FIRST DRAW HUNT OF GUN SEASON. I've been there ONCE.
    I often choose the lesser weapon when hunting. I have killed turkey and grouse with a bow and carried my bow or a 50 cal muzzleloading pistol during shotgun season...I've even tried squirrel and rabbit hunting with a bow. I have a 32 cal muzzloader I was given at Xmas for squirrel hunting. The favorite weapons in my overstuffed gun safe are my 25 year old mossberg pump, 20 year old 50 cal hawken and my bow.
    And my screen name"bambicide" does not mean I stand there plowing down the deer. It's just a reference to that old saying.."it's a good thing bambi wasn't a cow".
  8. bambicide,

    Your statement above are correct. Todays sabot firing M/L's and shotgun slugs fired through rifled barrels, are more powerful than a .44 Magnum cartridge. A typical 240 grain .44 Mag Factory load has a velocity of 1,750 FPS, and a saboted shotgun load has a velocity of some 1,900 with a much heavier .50 cal. bullet. It seems strange & a mystery to me that we are prevented from using rifles that fire pistol loads for Deer hunting. A sabot firing M/L or Shotgun firing a sabot is no more dangerous or safer than a rifle firing a .44 Magnum cartridge. Lots of hunters confuse the .44 Magnum with the .30-06 by comparing the two or think they are the same power, whivch they are not. the .30-06 is far more powerful than the .44 Magnum.
  9. Have you ever thought about running for office? ;)
  10. The Is No More Of An Advantage Using A Lever Action Cowboy Rifle, Shooting Flat Nosed Cartridges Than A Saboted Muzzleloader Bullett Or Shotgun Slug. Besides You Can Already Legally Use The Same Cartridges In A Pistol. I Would Even Say That They Would Be More Accurate Than Many Traditional Foster Type Shotgun Slugs.

    Adding These Types Of Firearms Are Not Going To Make The Woods Any Less Safe. No More Hunters Are Going To Hunt With Them Than Are Already Hunting With Current Legal Weapons.
  11. Isnt it legal for a pistol to shoot a cartridge down to a .243?
  12. A bullet must be at least .243 inches in diameter and the case must be at least 1.16 inches long without the cartridge. Bullet diameter in inches is not the caliber...270...35 rem. I think the 357 and the 35 remmington are the smallest diamater allowable cartridge. Page 16...hunting guide.
  13. least 1.16 inches cartridge length without the bullet.
  14. rifle cartridges in a pistol

    They are and will be legal this season, IDNR let these cartridges be used,people bought the pistol........ too late to put "Pandora" back in her box........


    You want the rifle cartridge outlawed, yet YOUR weapon of choice made legal? Kind of self serving isn't it?

    I heard that the current handguns that shoot rifle cartridges will not be allowed for hunting whitetail durring the 2006/2007 season but rifles that shoot handgun cartridges will. Is this true?

    David>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"I Hope it is."
  15. rifles in deer season

    Folks :

    DAVID4759 is attempting to use our legislative body to make it a STATE LAW that pistol cartridge rifles are legal to hunt deer in Indiana. Once we have a bunch of Lawyers dictating what we hunt with and how we hunt, our fate is sealed...............

    What say you all....................