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Rifle Hunting???

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by brigg67, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know why we can't use a lever action rifle in 30-30 to deer hunt with in Indiana? There have been more deer killed in the United States with a 30-30 lever action than you can even imagine. That round falls on it's face after about 200yds anyway, I mean I don't know the ballistics as compared to a rifled 12ga deer slug, but they have to be somewhat close I would think. I guess I just need a good explanation. Seems kinda silly, but then again alot of things in Indiana seem kinda silly. I would like to hear some opinions if anyone cares to share.

  2. The traditional reply is a centerfire high power rifle carries too far to be safe in a highly populated state like Indiana, but..... Then why can you use a pistol that can shoot about as far like a 7mm08 Encore? I'm not against pistol hunting but why allow one and not the other. (I know the muzzle velocity will be slightly lower in a shorter barrel than a longer rifle barrel but it doesn't make much of difference) :coco:

  3. My XP-100 in a 35 Rem. is ok but my model 600 in a 35 Rem. is not.
    Same gun with shorter stock and barrel :dizzy:
  4. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    to many idiots

    thats why we can't hunt with rifles here it has nothing to do with population look at most eastern states like md. and nj. they use rifles and are more populated than us but first time hunters that shot at any thing that moves mainly city slickers (no offence) that want the buck on the magazine cover that scores 200+ b+c or what ever else i'll tell you i don't care if a buck has 2 or 200 pts. i want whats under it's hide my grandpa use to tell us kids you can boil the antlers but they still don't soften up and you can't eat them so kill the first one you see. any buck is a trophy if you think about it. I shot a 4pt. on opening day that was 4 1/2- 5 1/2 yrs. old. hope this explains your question.
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  5. If anyone ever figures Indiana out, let me know....Ive lived here my whole life and still cant understand why we do alot of things we do.

    Big Nate
  6. It's all about population as pointed out in an earlier post. However, I think a straight wall case like the 45 long colt, 44 mag, 41 mag, etc in a single shot or bolt action gun would be a welcome addition to our state. I personally would like to see a three shot capacity implemented for slug guns as nothing irritates me more that hearing some yahoo popping off multiple shots at a running deer. If you cannot shoot it with three shots you should not be shooting at all.
  7. Michigan has different zones seperating the rifle zone (less populated area) from the shotgun zone (more populated area). I can't see why Indiana can't go on a county by county basis. But on the other hand, in Michigan, I hunt with a .300 wm. The owners manual says that a bullet can travel in execess of 5 miles. Of course I have never taken more than a 200 yard short with it, but it has only taken one bullet to bring the deer down. The DNR could also be worried about pass threw. Where does the bullet go? If hunting from a treestand, hopefully into the ground. I think if anything, the state should allow center fire rifles on private land and maybe start out with bolt action only, but that is my opinion.

  8. If the reason we can't hunt deer with a rifle is because of the population density, then why can you hunt coyote's with rifles. This doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Three Words

    I have three words that explains why we can't hunt deer with rifles in Indiana.
    POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS!!!! There is a stigma that goes along with the rifle and in the general publics eyes it is usually a negative one.
  10. Maybe they think we'll just be too efficient with a rifle/scope compared to everything else? And kill numbers would be to high?You can use a tc contender with rifle calibers for deer,hunt other game with a rifle,but todays shotguns,muzzle loaders & pistols[which i use and never miss]are very accurate,just as good as any rifle,but,it would make some take that 300 or more yard shot,which makes it dangerous in our area and just wound lots of deer.But they could limit the calibers to ones such as the 30/30 and the like or at least 44mag ,357,ect. which would be cool in a lever action.
  11. We can hunt coyotes with rifles and not deer because there are how many coyote hunters in the woods at the same time deer hunters share the woods.Plus:
    Polititians that wont even empty a mouse trap without rubber gloves and a set of spagetti tongs are making the laws and regulations.
  12. hit that one on the head:bonk:
  13. Who needs to hunt deer with rifles? If the state decided to only let people on private land hunt with rifles and only designated certain areas then dont you think everyone and their brother would be trying to hunt that area just so they could use their 30-06. Dnrlawman is correct.........politics is what its all about. Well, isnt politics always involved in something?
  14. Why not?

    I'm with HickoryNut... in Indiana, we have the famous groundhog reg..." legal to take any time with any equipment...", so legally I could shoot chucks with a Barrett .50 or maybe a small LAW :yikes: (assuming proper ATF paperwork of course), but I can't deer hunt with .243 or .270 ...:coco:

    I think a county-by-county rule allowing rifle hunting on private property should be allowed... if people don't think it's safe for public areas, fine, but why someone can't rifle hunt on their own ground in a 200-300 acre tract is a mystery to me...
  15. Does Indy have the same power over the state, as Detroit has over Michigan? Maybe we need to change the state governemt at the polls. We can whine all we want, but nothing will get done until we actually quit sitting on our hands and organize. We need need to take our lives out of the hands of politicians and take control of our own lives. Vote for the Wild Table Fare Party.


    BTW, JKD welcome to the site.
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