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Rifle regulations screw up?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hookeye, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Looks like poor wording has pistol cartridge rifles no longer legal on public land.
    Yes, I know it sounds stupid, and it may be........... but it's true.

    Checked IDNR website after seeing the dust up on social media.

    Look under the equipment tab and it should be 2nd topic.

    Accident or on purpose, PCR is a no go on public at this time........

    If the DNR doesn't make a clarification I'd suspect they (and/or the politicians) played dirty pool with the hunters. I never saw anything put out that HP rifle test period would require a trade.
  2. Note: the printed Indiana Hunting Guide says PCR still legal on public land...........but the guide always comes with a disclaimer and NEVER should be thought of as actual law. It's deer hunting and rifles...........not that hard folks. Legislators can't get this simple deer hunting stuff right...........sure gives me a warm feeling when it comes to health care and other.

  3. I saw this on Facebook. The guy who posted it had a text from a CO clarifying and saying unfortunately it’s true. Said that a change in the language makes them unlawful to hunt public land with them. Only shotguns and muzzys.
  4. I also saw guys saying that the guide says they are legal so they are going with it. They are going to learn a hard lesson about the hunting guides lol.
  5. Well. Crap!
    I guess my 358 wssm is useless to me now.
    That blows.

    Fortunately I hunt mostly private but pull some does from public.
  6. IMHO the DNR should make a comment soon if they see this as a mistake, offer a legal clarification allowing PCR. if they don't then it is what it is. And folks can try to figure out what really went on politically.

    Timing sure sucks for some folks.
  7. Yeah, a month out and people who hunt public land with one of those hand gun cartridge rifles may have to find something else. I was going to use my 500 s&w this year but the 870 will do.
  8. Look at it this might get a good deal on a PCR rifle this yr, esp if you have a shotgun to trade ;)
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  9. Feel sorry for those folks that purchased PCR & High-powered rifles for hunting Deer in Indiana. It certainly does sound like it has a "political spin" to this issue. Probably some anti-gun official is the one who put the Kibosh on the use of rifles in Indiana.
  10. If this is the case, how many youth hunters will be visited by their local co who shot a deer with a PCR on public land during youth weekend?
  11. That would be interesting to know and find out. I just can't understand why this "rifles-for-Deer-Hunting" issue turned into one big confusion for all. Also, was/is this H.P.R. law one that is a "sunset law"? If I remember right Hunters could use P.C.R.s on Public Properties, when I lived in Indiana. There might have been a few Wildlife Areas that didn't allow P.C.R.s due to the size or layout of the property as well as the "Human" population surrounding the area.
  12. Sound like it's going to be shotgun slugs & M/L only for Deer Hunting in Indiana; unless they make it more clear as to what weapon one can or cannot use in Indiana.
  13. I think this is a misunderstanding of the law. It does say no rifles, but it is in reference only to the new rifle calibers. It does not say PCR or Muzzleloading. If the term rifle covers all rifles in this state you have to include muzzleloading rifles as well. So now we are a shotgun state only. That isn't the purpose of the law and those saying it is are wrong IMO. That includes the DNR staff whom emailed my Brother-in-law that this is true and they will make a public statement this week. 1415 passed some time ago and as another poster stated the youth hunt undoubtedly had a lot of law breakers in the woods. I imagine there will be some clarification on this to keep PCR legal.