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Rifles Next Year

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by broomhandle, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. I attended a Hunter Safety Class with my Grandson last week. The DNR Officer for Hancock county was one of the instructors. He stated that next year rifles WOULD be permitted for deer hunting. However, only straight wall pistol cartridges would be allowed - no bottlenecks. I can't imagine he would publicly announce this if it weren't a done deal.
    I suppose this is already known to many of you but it was a surprise to me.
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  2. It's not been decided yet -- the hearing for it is next Monday (March 26, 2006). And all the amendment says is that the bullet must be a minimum of .357" and that the case length without bullet must be between 1.16" and 1.625". That's all it says.

    You'll soon discover that this is a pretty sore subject here in this forum. I've stated my support for the amendment, but I'm pretty well done with trying to explain my position to others, as none of those opposed to the amendment want to argue facts. Time will tell whether this amendment comes to pass or not.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. No Rifles For Deer In Indiana
  5. How many times can you guys post the same adolescent crap? Greg's constantly posting that no rifles photo from the Ghostbuster's era, and everyone else posts, "No rifles in Indiana." No one can offer irrefutable facts from the anti-PCR side.

    I'd like to think that this will pass, if for no other reason than the fact that the DNR offered this amendment themselves. I remember 5 years ago when the one buck rule was proposed. I attended the hearing in Seymour, and I'd say that only 5% in attendance that night were FOR the one buck rule, yet it still passed. I don't think that the DNR takes the input seriously -- I think that they pass what they want to. They wanted the one buck rule, so they got it.

    One last thing: if this PCR amendment passes, I won't rub it in any of you guys' faces. And I certainly won't post a big photo of a rifle with the caption of "Rifles in Indiana forever."
  6. :woohoo1::woohoo1:Bring them on!!!
  7. Funny how only a few guys that spend 18 hours a day on these websites try to explain GUN and GUN safety to those of us wearing muddy boots.:coco:
  8. I'd say that I might have had my boots muddy once or twice:
  9. If this passes it will be effective as of July 1 and you can hunt with one this deer season.

    The CO seems to know a little, but not all the details.


    Hopefully you're not wearing those muddy boots while you're on the PC and are you sure that is MUD? ;)
  10. OOoooo. Purty. Some with a Bow even.

    Good work! Hope you can post one shot with a .44 or .357 M92.

    Hell, I hope that I can post one like those (or even a big bodied Indiana Doe) shot with ANYTHING.

    Maybe somedy I'll get a Park Draw... :banghead3
  11. If you can hunt a coyote with a rifle then what's the problem with hunting deer with one? Of course there is always going to be a dumba@# in the bunch who shoots at anything moving first then goes and looks for it later but we have those kinda people out there today.
  12. useless
    brew we can out shoot those rifles anyhow with the smoke pole just can't reload as fast
    this will be a big mistake for the state.....the Kmart cowboys will ruin gun season
    co's don't know all the facts all the time lets hope for a vote against
  13. Though I havent paid much attention to these rifle conversations, I really dont understand why you guys are so against having rifles in the state. I won't use them but I was just curious why you guys feel so strongly about keeping rifles away from Indiana deer hunting. I'm not saying you guys are wrong about the things you are saying, I just want some of your guys' reasons for not wanting them.
  14. rifles and ballistics..........

    Ironsights, do you believe the following statement is accurate?

    "Remember, these guns are really only practical out to 200yds (100 for .357), so you really don't need that much power anyway."

    I want to know is the pistol cartridge a 200 yard round? and if so, are there not bottleneck cartridges that have the same range?

    and have you proposed some calibers that are also bottleneck?
  15. yawn........just got the bow re-strung.:16suspect
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