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  1. Now that the ice is off and I am thinking of Spring fishing. Just wanted to know what rods and reels do others use. I use all Bionic rods bait casting and spinning all different weight and sizes. Reels vary from bait casting and spinning, I have Pfluegers, Quantums, Daiwas and Abu Garcias.
  2. G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels for me. Expensive as all get-out, but worth every penny!

  3. I use St. Croix rods, and Abu Garcia reels.
  4. St. Croix & G loomis rods,Pfluegers,quantum,reels have a few spider cast rod and reels too
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    Rods...St. Croix--Gander Mt. Walleye (my favorite)--Fenwick---Bionic Blade--And about 20 other rods that I've had forever.

    Reals--just Shimano...Sedona (3)..Symetre(1)...Slade(1) for the ultralite....
  6. I have all those, too, but my favorite reels are all Pfleugers, although I have been eyeing some at Gander Mountain called Guide Series. I never use baitcasters, but I do own a couple. My favorite rods are cheap rods, and of those I tend toward a 7' Berkley Cherrywood in medium or Medium Heavy. When trolling I use a 9' Browning steelhead rod; it carries the lure way out to the side of the boat. For early spring I favor a 7' medium light Cherrywood and 4# extra limp castable line.
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    I've got the guide series rods...they're getting better and better...and they have some great sales on them...wait until spring and you can pick them up cheaper...I was looking at a guide series 7' ultralite rod...sweet.
  8. Home built for me y'all!!!!!

    I make my own!!!!!!:bouncy:
  9. ugly stick lites and shimano reels :)
  10. Whatever Dean. I'm guessing you knock a stick off a tree in the yard and tie some fishin' line on it....OK...your turn. :cheeky-sm
  11. I'll try that in the spring, although with the 20-25 rods and reels currently in my garage I am having a hard time justifying additional purchases, even to myself. I got an email sale brochure from Cabela's today and they have a 9' light action rod for $39 and a 6 BB reel with a 60 day money back guarantee for $20. The reel is hard to pass up. Looks like a Pfleugar.