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Rompola Buck World Record

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. I have been doing personal research for awhile now on the Rompola buck....why, because I was interested and I know everyone else is. I have contacted many people surrounding this story, then talked to the man himself, Mitch Rompola. At first I didnt get why this man would not have this world class buck scored, but after talking to people that know him, Boone and Crockett scorers that actually scored it and Mitch himself, now I know..PRIDE. After killing this buck he NEVER intended to have it scored because of a falling out with the Boone and Crockett Club in wich he was a scorer for many years. If you look, there are no bucks in the B&C book with his name, he had them pulled. He has taken alot of monster bucks over the years and has even killed two more this year over 160 inches. This man is a hunter in every sense of the word. He is in the field probably more than any three average hunters. He has had a troubled past, he was fired from the post office for what alot of people called "stealing mail" but in fact he just threw away junk mail he didnt want to deliver...yes junk mail, not checks, letters, or christmas cards, just junk mail. We should salute him for that.I have seen the video of three scorers scoring the buck in Rompolas home. I talked to two of the three scorers that scored this buck. They said it scored 3 inches more than the current world record held by Milo Hanson of Canada. The scorers said that they inspected the skull plate and its 100% legitimate. They also said he would never have it scored. He signed an agreement that said he would not have it scored and not call it a world record due to Milo Hanson loosing money in endorsments. I asked many people why he wouldnt have it scored if it would have a great payoff, some that know him said he has already been paid off. Possibly by Hanson himself. I have heard that Hanson knew Rompola was not going to score it, so he paid him a lump sum to not score it until someone else breaks Hansons record....makes sense now why Mitch signed the papers. This might not change the minds of all hunters that have clung to the story over the years but at least I can put it to rest in my mind....I know the truth and now you do to. some hunters might not want to believe it, but this buck is legit and someday after Mitch is long gone, the monster will be scored and you can all say you knew the truth along time ago. HickoryNut

    I know the truth, thats all that matters, I just thought I would let my pal's here on know as well

    Let the negitive posts begin.
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    Thanks for the great information...not being a deer hunter, I was, nevertheless, interested in the story...especially when the Canadian chimed in.

    Now I can read further posts on the subject and know what people are talking about.

  3. This is the same story I heard a couple years ago from a couple people that know Mitch. I personally have always thought it was real, I had no reson not too. If you look in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) record book, you will see Mitch's name in there many many times. To me this says that he pays attention to details and knows you can't cheat the system.

    HickoryNut, thank you for posting this.

  4. I just wanted everyone to know
  5. I don't discount the possibility of Mitch killing the largest typical ever, but it seems odd to me that he will have it scored if someone kills a deer that is larger than Milo's (red flag). My point is that if you are going to have it scored if someone breaks Milo Hanson's record, why not score it now?

    I am not accusing him of fabricating the story, but it stills seems very fishy to me.
  6. He wont have it scored even if someone beats Hansons, Hanson was just covering his own tail by putting this statement in the contract agreement.
  7. Regardless if Hanson is covering his tail or not, it will always be a little fishy to me. And until he has the buck's rack x-rayed and certified by a panel (not of Mitch's choosing), it will always be one of most known hunting "stories" I have ever heard. Heck, I can call the local paper and say that I harvested a world record deer, but people are going to want proof to prove my claim.

    Like I said earlier, I hope he did shoot a world record buck, chances are I will never see one, but don't wonder why people doubt your claim if you won't show the proof.
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  8. My understanding is that Mitch was not planning on having this buck scored, but a friend who saw it let the cat out of the bag. Mitch had it scored by Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM). They are a legit scoring organization. He just didn't want it scored by B&C because he had a falling out with them. When it comes down to it, I really don't think Mitch cares whether it is a world record or what people think about the buck or him. He is just a person who loves what he does.

  9. true, and he never claimed it was a world record. the ever famous picture of himself and the deer were not supposed to be for the world to see, one of his friends posted it on their webpage and it spread like wild fire.
  10. One thing that pops a red flag about this buck or better yet, why is it that the county that Rompola has taken so many record book type bucks has barely any other record book type bucks taken? I hunt mainly in Miami/fulton county. If a buck like this came from there I could believe it. i have my deer processed at a small shop and I see several 140-170 class bucks in there every year.

    I feel that maybe this deers antlers might not have been altered then attached as stated, but maybe it was a penned deer and altered during velvet. i don't know and really don't care.

    We have gotten so out of whack on hunting reasons it is not even funny. Deer hunting used to be a time when family and friends got together and enjoyed company, when antlers were not the main reason, rather the meat and the adventure. I mean come on, most of us that get a big buck just happen to be in the right place at the right time, and have done nothing to get the opportunity, except be in Gods good grace. It just seems that a lot of guys get a big buck and then puff out their chest as if they fathered that deer and raised it and were God all mighty in the harvesting of the deer. When in all actuality they just got dumb lucky. I know one very good hunter. He has taken a few 120 class bucks, but 3 years ago he took a nice 155 inch deer, you all know how?? He overslept and went out right at daylight. he was only 50 yards from his truck when the buck, spooked by other hunters, came running right down the fence row at him. Like I said dumb luck.

    I just hate to see that hunting is becoming such a "trophy/money" event. Its all about the antlers. Those antlers are not going to change our lives are they. Do they make our marriages any better? do they make our aches and pains go away? Do they help us go to work on Monday? Do they help us get to heaven? Do they help us in any way but to stroke our egos?

    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to knock anyone. I think big bucks are very neat and would love to get one , one day. If not for a unlicensed hunter last year I would have, but thats another story in itself. Don't take this as a personal attack on anyone that has gotten a bug buck, it is not. I am just trying to open our eyes to the real reasons for hunting, that is to get away from our wives LOL
  11. That buck was for sure NOT pen raised, and the rack was not altered, and as far as why we hit the nail on the head, a few wife free hours on the weekends in a God send...SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife, that reads just about everything over my shoulder at just the right time just slapped me in the back of the head....send help
  12. PROVE IT!SHOW ME!Not he said she said they said lets see somthing.Iheard alot of B.S. back it up with something.SHOW ME:yikes:
  13. Right on "bowaddict",i don't hunt for a 'big rack',i did get a 203 b&c[green score]this year,which i got to take in a good way by stalking and thinking,but iv'e taken 10 other little racked bucks and i love every one of them,ones others wouldnt take maybe because they dont score above 120,next year i might get another 'basket' rack,i'll be just as happy,i never understood the hype on hi scoring racks till i got one and yes its all now more interesting but i know theres not many of those big boys out there so i'll not waste time just hunting for another,and i'll have a full freezer.