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Rookie hunter needs help!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 32ACR91, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Can anyone offer some advice on what I'm doing wrong while hunting? I've hunted everything since I was a kid from rabbit, quail, grouse, squirell, to geese and coyotes. Always had good luck. I started hunting deer about five years ago. I hunted with a .50 muzzleloader with iron sights the first four years for the challenge and to make sure I didn't get buck fever and try a bad long shot or get goofy and try to shoot at a running deer. This year I put a straight 4 power scope on the rifle to help compensate for my eye problems. I've killed a doe every year on the last day of muzzleloader season but never had a good shot at a nice buck. The last 2 years I've hunted on 80 perfect acres. (according to everything I've read and seen on T.V.) I had better luck hunting various enemy in different countries while in the ARMY'S 2SOG than I have on my deer sign covered 80 acres. I always move very slow through the woods (partly because of my combat disabilities and experience being quiet) I try to be scent free and watch the wind, I've set up in several areas on the property but have not seen any bucks while on stand. Anyway I'm rambeling on I'll shut up and wait for some advice.

    P.S. anyone hunt in Putnam county??
  2. Are you just hunting during the muzzleloader season? It becomes very challenging for me to even see a buck during this season. I would suggest getting a game trail camera. Set it up on a known travel route, if for nothing else, just to see what might be out there and when they might be moving.

  3. James I hunt the gun season and muzzleloader season. I'll have to look into a trail cam. thanks.
  4. I know every area is has it's quirks. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I can't count the does on our place, but the bucks are rare. We see a few dinks, and there is one nice old buck, but he's half ghost.
    My bet is that the bucks are there, keep the faith and keep after them. The trail cam is a great idea.
  5. During the opener of gun season.. Dont pattern the deer pattern your goofey neighbors and all the idiot hunters around your property. During the ML season hunt the middle of the day when its super cold outside. the sun is higher and the air just feels warmer. During that first weekend though think like a deer trying to escape for his life rather than a deer meandering around like normal. Then when that initial shock wears off go back to hunting the normal pattern. LIke the others have said each place has its quirks and its timing. Get a trail cam and check the dates and times you are seeing deer show up on your cams. Keep a log sheet and photo album with those pics it will help to pattern your deer hunting better.

  6. Quail, can I come up and count them? Past history would tell you they would not be in any danger!
  7. Are you using any type of attractants or doing any calling? I've always had more success getting the bucks to come to me, especially during the rut.
  8. Try to hunt close to a bedding area if there is one near,look for the places you cant walk through,but take wire cutters/game shears and make a path [best done pre season],I have had the same problems as you even in firearms season,big old bucks go nocturnal unless a doe gets them up,so stay on your stand till 2-3pm some as bucks will get up to get water/food midday,Ive made many mistakes leaving at 12 only to spook a buck that would have came by.Go in your area as little as possible too to prevent 'tainting' the area ,scout midday preseason.What area seems dead this year could be HOT next year so dont discount your spot.Ive found it best too to be scentless/soundless,I have little faith with reason with 'rattling','doe pee','& grunt calls,I have tried them and have witnessed bucks far and close to just RUN with a call,old one are not dumb.
  9. This sounds like the beginning of a monster buck story to me. In time it will happen. If the sign is there, the bucks are there. You will get your shot someday, and possibly a magazine cover.
  11. You have on heck of a good county to hunt. Stalking is difficult at best and takes a lot of skill and luck. Tomorrow morning might be a good day to stalk into the wind at first light to keep from freezing. The hard part is fooling all the does in order to see the big buck. One of the things I've learned is to always look behind you because a mature buck will sneak and flank to your side and cross downwind. They are a sneaky bunch!! It is time to get one those jokers familiar with the ground.:mad: