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Run and gun Turkey trip coming through Indiana.

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by whyle_e_coyote, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Hello Indiana! A buddy and I are thinking of trying a "run and gun" type turkey hunting trip this spring. Maybe starting in Tennessee, then Kentucky, ending in Indiana on route back to Michigan. I have a couple of questions.
    Where is the largest concentration of Wild Turkeys in your state?
    Anyone interested in a trade hunt in Michigan?
    This is still not set in stone, but a serious thought.
    Thanks, Glenn
  2. the southern part of Indiana has the most birds. look at the bird counts. switzerland county is up there. alot of state land in brown county and jackson county is good. i hunt jackson county with lots of luck. howes your state with turkeys.

  3. Population is around 200,000. Some where in the top 5 states if I remember right. We are in the SW corner of Michigan, about 30 miles from S.Bend IN.
    We have a very healthy population in our county and the surronding counties.
    The entire state is doing very well, as far as Turkeys.
    Thanks for the help.
  4. I agree with gfour...the southern part of the state is the place to go for both number of turkeys and acres of public hunting ground.
  5. We are looking for a hunting spot in Kentucky this year. I'd like to have a early hunt before the Indiana season starts. We were looking for some public ground in Kentucky. Are you having any luck locating hunting ground?

  6. My Brother used to hunt coal company land in Muhlenberg county. Was pretty successful then started going to South Dakota instead.
  7. I'll see what I can find on the web. ;)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Look into the Peabody hunting area's. Several birds with moderate hunting pressure.
    I believe there is a 10$ user fee to hunt on peabody ground.
  9. tons of birds in Brown county
  10. We have several birds, and a lot of good public ground here in Martin County.
  11. Anybody looking for a new turkey gun? My dad purchased a Winchester 1300 I believe ill try to put a link or picture up.. He thought it might turn into a Turkey/Deer gun but has recently found out the effectiveness of muzzleloaders (I took him muzzleloader hunting for the first time this year, needless to say he doesnt want to shoot those old hammering slug guns anymore.). I would say less than 25 shells through this gun everything is in perfect working order. It has the pump assist on it and the winchester patented rotary bolt. Here is the website to check it out..... We are looking for 350.00 solid. If any of you turkey hunters are looking to expand your arsenal. Send me an email or leave a note on this thread. The gun is something like 475 new at Gander Mountain. I would split the cost for shipping if you are interested in buying it.