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Running **** Hounds

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It seems a lot of you guys are into running **** hounds so I thought I'd share my latest adventure. Last night after roosting some turkeys a buddy and I went out and loaded the dogs. My buddy has a pup named Mac that has really been coming around lately so I was anxious to see him in action. We had another guy along that brought two of his hi-power hounds in from out of town... Ranger & Lucky.

The first drop was short lived, Mac and Ranger struck a **** 200 yards from the truck and stranded it in a treetop in the middle of a cornfield. They worked the tree over really well then we pulled them back and dumped them elsewhere. One the second dump Ranger and Lucky ran deep while Mac worked independently nearby. Mac ended up treeing a den tree alone at about 9 o'clock but the other two were nowhere to be found. My buddy and I took the trackers and drove around the farm trying to pinpoint their location but they were MUCH DEEPER than we had expected. At 1 a.m. we ended up finding the two "hi-power" hounds over 3 miles from the dumpsite. They were treed, had a ****, but MAN was it a long night training hounds!! :banghead3

Here is Mac (Left) and Ranger on the first tree of the night.

Here's Mac working his lone tree, he was really fired up!

By the time we got around to finding the other hounds I was tired of taking pictures! :redface:
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