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rural king

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by tilesetter, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Just got back from rural king and saved over 70% off hunting apparell, thought id pass it on!
  2. Roger that...ran down to the store in Terre Haute today during lunch and purchased some scent elimination base layer shirts, socks, and head cover. All were originally $20.00 them for $5.00 each. They've got ladder stands for $49 and the buddy stands for $69 and they have laway...YEE HAW! They also had a lot of food plot stuff on sale too, if you are into that kind of thing (baiting) for your deer herd.
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  3. Dangit...I went back to Rural King this afternoon. I put a ladder tree stand in layaway. I bought the Buddy Stand for me and my 8 year old daughter to hunt out of together. I'm gonna' blame this one on her if I need to expain myself later. :tongue: These hunting expenses never end but what the heck I won't be packin' a suitcase when I leave this world.

  4. It's what any loving father would do for our kids.

    See honey, I'm not the only one.