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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. What I may lack in quality, I’ve made up for in quantity. 999, look out Dean.:coolgleam
    This place aint big enough for two charter members.
  2. Quail 2+2= ? For your 1,000th post.

  3. You'll never catch me.....!!!!!!

    It's an art, really. Saying so much and not saying anything at all.......
  4. Well it good to see that there is two of the gang with a 1000 posts, QUAIL & DEAN. WOW what a class to be in. You know they both care about each other and MAN that picture keeps coming in play.
  5. I think that I would agree with the "so much but nothing at all":coco: deer hunters
  6. DEAN or Quail

    Who has the BEST many Post per. DAY [PPD] ..........
  7. I dont look at the post number...I pay attention to the join date!!!!lol:evil: Congrats...and keep the posts coming.........
  8. GO get him Quail show no mercy.
  9. It's not a competition 410, besides, the way he talks...I'll never catch up.
  10. I believe in my fishing partner. Quail at least you say something most of the time.