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Sad ending of a hunter

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Treehugger1971, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Read a article in about a son who accidently shot his father on a elk hunt, he died instantly. Seems his sling broke and try to catch his gun and hit the trigger. My deepest sympathy for him, but my question is how many people carry their weapons with the safety off?
  2. We would hope no one carries a gun with the safety off until just before they pull the trigger :mad:

  3. I was on an antelope with my bro and some friends a few years ago. One of our friends laid his gun down for a shot and it went off. He had taken off the safety and the trigger was so light that just that little bit of movement fired the gun.
    Obviously scared everyone out of their wits.
    Remember, a safety that's on or off doesn't make a bit of still have to be careful...horrible things happen everyday.
    I even know someone who was sharpening his broadheads and fell asleep with the arrows propped against the couch. He rolled over and it cost him a couple stitches.
  4. Always safety on, until I am ready to pull the trigger. But you still have to be careful. I had a friend about 7 years back, who had his shotgun fall out of his treestand. It hit the ground directly on the end of the stock and went off. The slug hit him in the lthigh. It missed all the bone, and he was able to get himself home to get help thank goodness. By the way the safety was on!!!

    What a horrible accident. That poor kid will never be the same.:(

  5. One of my best friends lost his son in a shotgun accident.
    They never knew just what happend but they figured he was running down a hill and fell and the gun went off,the kid was 14. It happened in 1997.

    Another fellow elk hunter and friend of my brother in AZ ran over his son with a forklift.
    He had a load of sheetrock on it, the kid fell,dad didnt see him.The kid jumped up and said "Hey dad you ran over me" Then he died before the ambulance got there. They were scheduled to go hunting that night. He was 16. This was in 2001

    Yall be careful out there and watch out for them kids.
  6. Trigger Finger

    I went on the pheasants forever youth pheasant hunt in peru this fall with mostly younger kids around the age of 10. They sent about 8 out in the field wiht a set of dogs and we would make drives down the fields. One of the younger kids in our groups ALWAYS had his finger on the trigger. Anytime anyone saw him they would remind him to keep his finger off of it but he just kept doing it as a bad habit. Well, when he went to pull the break, to reload his shotgun, he pulled the hammer back also, and since he always had his finger on the trigger he shot the gun LUCKILY straight into the ground. I have always thought that having your finger on the trigger is a big issue along whith keeping the safety on. Even if the safety is on while you place your finger on it, it creates a habit of doing it all the time, and kids always do this but a lot of the time people notice it but they don't say anything to that person.
  7. Your 100% right Tine Lock. Glad nobody got hurt and hopefully this kid learned his lesson.