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safe ice

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by tedbower, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. anyone know how much ice is needed to fish safely?
  2. That depends on several conditions; 1st Ice I like 3+ Ice that has cured to a nice black or blue color I will fish on 2", but if the ice is grey and pitted it can become honey combed inside and 6" may not be safe.

    best advice keep a spud with you, and spud before you step, pay attention to the Ice if you get out before sun-up listen to it as the day starts to wear on.

    Snow on the ice can insulate it and cause it to weaken (like a solar blanket on a swimming pool) There are charts on the web about how many inches of ice can support what weight, but that may or may not apply to your location and or conditions.

    Hope that helps,

    Good Luck & be safe!


  3. OK, I know I'm gonna sound like an idiot............we don't get that much fishable ice here..........what is a "spud"? The only thing I've ever heard called a spud is a potato and a certain NBA star a few years ago.

  4. I am so glad you asked that question!;)
  5. My spud is a long iron railroad spike remover, it can be anything that is long enough for you to tamp the ice in front of you as you walk to see if it is soft, or in my case with the heavy rod, if the ice is going to crack.
    A couple of my buddies up in Michigan use old bowling pins, they toss them in the air like lawn darts and if they dont crack the ice when they come down they walk out that far and repeat the process until they get where they want to be.
    I guess in the old days (before lazer ice augers) guys used to hack a hole in the ice with their spuds, but now-a-days they are mainly used for checking the ice on the way to the honey hole.
    The chart listed by Psychcobubba is one of those that I refered to earlier, you should use it a reference, but remember as the conditions vary so does the strength of the ice.
    Be Safe!
  6. Thanks........good info
  7. But you ARE an idiot D.....!!!!! Duhhh!!!!
  8. Thanks Dean................I feel much better now.
  9. thanks to all , i have always gone by the 4 inch rule but a buddy of mine from maine says 2 inches is fine ,i guess size matters
  10. 2 inches if you know the lake or pond. Stay away from the shore, warmer ground water seeps in and weakens the ice, stay away from vegetation - anything that would absorb the suns energy. :yikes: Be careful - that water under the ice is cold - extreme physical shrinkage :)