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Sale At Meijers

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Was at Meijers in Mishawaka last weekend and they had their trolling spoons and flies (Last Years) on clearance 40% off, then the gal at the counter in the sporting goods dept gave me a coupon for another 25% off... It worked I went back for more! Love those :bouncy: Northport nailers...
  2. Good Deal! I will have to check the Ft Wayne store.

  3. UPDATE: Went Again Today Sat 3-12

    Ok, so I thought what the hay, I'm driving by why not stop in , Today, same deals as last week, but this time they had Tru-Trac cannon balls in with the spoons and flies, as well as a boat load of Stren, Spiderwire, and 2 spools of fireline (sorry, those happen to end up in my cart)

    Well here's the deal, after the 50% mark down, and the extra 25% I replaced the cannonball my buddy swore to me he thought he had securely fastened to the cable, a couple of spools of fireline, two more spoons, and a hootchie mama all for what I would have paid for a new cannonball.

    We be fishin now....
  4. I have flat cleaned up at Meijer and wal-Mart clearance sections in the past. Can you believe an Ameristep pop-up blind "Penthouse" for $10? I have to watch it and make sure I actually need what I am about to buy, not just that it's a steal.
  5. HB,

    Don't be posting like that (My wife might be reading over my shoulder..) I need it ALL..... But seriously dear, it's way cheaper than therapy... :coco: